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Press Releases

May 14 2018

Sharing experience of reducing carbon footprint of marine transport with Danish delegation

An image of Fahad Al Suwaidi, Director of Marine Transport at RTA’s Public Transport Agency.

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has received a delegation from the Danish Consulate in Dubai, accompanied by representatives of Exilator Marine Transport Management Company in Denmark to exchange experience and knowledge about marine transport. The visit was part of RTA’s strategy to share international experience and familiarise with the latest developments in all relevant fields. 

“The visit of the Danish delegation stems from our keenness to review the best global practices of marine transit means, which attract considerable numbers of tourists, visitors and residents of Dubai. We have screened the practices applied in the Kingdom of Denmark including air purification from the combustion of fuel used by marine transit means. The process applies state-of-the-art filters that eliminate 98% of pendants, and 99% of carbon that contributes to the preservation of the environment, and the green economy,” said Fahad Al Suwaidi, Director of Marine Transport at RTA’s Public Transport Agency. 

“The meeting reviewed RTA’s experience in adopting optimal practices for reducing carbon emissions of marine transit means. The drive fits well with our capacity as a leading government entity in reducing the carbon footprint and pushing the green economy and sustainable energy drive. In this regard, we have introduced electric abras and made plans for using clean energy in all our marine transport projects. 

“Exchanging ideas with the industry concerned parties at the regional and international levels aims to gain access to cumulative experience and the highest practices of improved marine transit means. Dubai coast is a fascinating destination for marine transport riders, especially tourists,” he added.

“Riding these modes avails passengers stunning panoramic views of the Dubai Coastal line including traditional buildings, high-end hotels and iconic urban facilities at the backdrop of charming seawater. The Dubai Water Canal is a new addition capping the rich Dubai waterfront, and all of these landmarks make the sea cruise a great experience to savour. RTA is seeking to develop strategic plans to improve marine transport to bring it in line with the top international standards befitting the profile of Dubai as a modern metropolis,” concluded Al Suwaidi.



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