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Issuing NOC To Renew Trade License Of Franchise Company To Transport Passengers (Luxury)

This service enables you to renew the trade license of franchise companies. Note: The No-Objection Certificate is a mandatory document for the renewal of a trade license required by licensing authorities in Dubai such as the Economic Development Department. The certificate stipulates that the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) does not object the completion of the procedure in accordance with the laws and legislations pertaining to it.


Reference to the UAE Cabinet Decision (30) of 2017 on traffic and traffic safety services, the fees of driving licenses and vehicles are changed. For more information please visit or contact RTA call centre on the following number: 8009090.


Licensed company by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to transport passengers by luxury vehicles and having a valid operating contract.

Required documents

The service does not have required documents unless the company has a number of vehicles different than that agreed on or registered on the traffic file. In this case, the company must proof that it has exceeded the number of vehicles and other documents showing its willingness to comply with the number of agreed vehicle.


  • NOC to renew trade license
  • Transaction receipt and proof of payment.

Service fees

  • 1,000 AED for a new permit to transport passengers in luxury vehicles
  • +20 AED Knowledge and Innovation fees.


  • 90 days.

Average processing time

  • Instantly.

Ways to apply


Through website:

  • The customer logs in to RTA website and proceeds to licensing services then chooses NOC to renew trade license
  • The customer agrees on the terms and conditions after reading them
  • The customer applies for the service
  • RTA sends a notification to the customer to continue the process through the e-gate
  • The customer enters the receipt and verification details
  • The customer settles the fees
  • The customer prints the NOC and continues the procedure at the Department of Economic Development.

Terms and conditions

  • The company must have fulfilled all its financial and contractual commitments to RTA
  • The company must clear any impediments in its traffic file and must settle all fines, if any (delay in replacement fines, quality and traffic violations, unpayable fines)
  • The company must not have another uncompleted electronic request for the same trade license
  • If the application was rejected by any of the organizational units, the customer must comply with the requirements and reapply for this service
  • The company must provide proof of planning, processing and committing to completing the procedures of having the agreed number of vehicles if the original number was different than that agreed on and not all vehicles were registered in the traffic file.


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Home/ RTA Services / Service Details

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