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Services for the People of Determination


Since its establishment in November 2005, the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai, and within the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS), highly prioritized providing developed services to an important social segment in the UAE; the People of Determination whose needs and requirements have always been embedded in RTA’s development plans and services.

With the ongoing development process and execution of projects in accordance with the world-class standards, RTA has committed to play its CSR role, which ensures its emergence as a socially responsible party which resulted in constant care for the People of Determination. In doing so, an unprecedented package of integrated services tailored for this category in all facilities and points provided by different RTA’s agencies and sectors, has become eminent. These services can be summarized as follows:



Rail Agency

1. Tactile floor paths to guide visually-impaired persons at rail stations.
2. All ticket-selling booths are designed to be accessible to wheelchair users.
3. Toilets for  the People of Determination.
4. Special spaces on all rail facilities for wheelchair users.
5. Installation of audio-visual cautionary signs upon opening & closing of platform screen doors.
6. Lifts with ample space for the movement of wheelchairs.
7. CCTV for hearing-impaired persons.
8. Audio notices for visually-impaired persons.
9. Special hand-rests at a suitable height.
10. Push-button to stop motion in emergency cases.
11. Stations are provided with escalators fitted with side hand rests stretching along the rail.
12. Lights stretching along the escalator to improve the extent of visibility.
13. A non-slippery sliding path from the car park to the station entrance.
14. Easily distinctive colours for the floors and sliding path.
15. Parking Provision for special needs near the main station entrances.                                        
16. Provision of automatic doors to ease the entry and exit process.
17. Designated space for a wheel chair in each carriage, located in close proximity to the door.
18. Providing stations with public phones at much lower level to enable the People of Determination  to use them.
19. Spacious doors to ease the entrance of wheel chairs for the People of Determination .

Card Services Department

1. People of Determination type of cards is provided for nol personalized cards holders only, whereby can transport for free using solely Dubai Metro and Public Buses in Dubai City.
2. nol Personalized Card for People of Determination is worth AED 70 (AED 50 NOL personalized Card’s purchase value and AED 20 as a nol personalized Card initial e-purse to pay for other services such as, Parking and Water Bus trips among others).
3. nol personalized Card for People of Determination is valid for 5 years only.
4. After the elapse of 5 years from activating a nol personalized Card for People of Determination, customers can apply for obtaining a new nol personalized Card for People of Determination at the same value.

Public Transport Agency

1. Providing the new buses with all means of comfort and accessibility for the People of Determination  by lowering the floor level and enabling passengers of this category use them easily.
2. Providing push-buttons in the reach of passengers to order a service.
3. Providing air-conditioned shelters.
4. All marine transport stations have been designed to be user-friendly to the People of Determination .
5. Water Bus can be used by the People of Determination , it is designed to ease their movement.
6. Providing ample seating areas on board the water bus for the People of Determination  by accommodating up to 3 wheelchairs.
7. The crew assists the People of Determination  to enter water bus easily & an employee is deployed at each marina.
8. LCD monitors are available to provide information about water bus, and safety procedures.
9. The Ferry has been designed to be used by all community segments, including the People of Determination .
10. Suitable spaces have been provided for 2 wheelchairs in Ferry Dubai.
11. Seats are 20% foldable to meet the requirements of the People of Determination  through the provision ample space for the entry & exit of wheelchairs, thus ensuring stability on board.

Traffic & Roads Agency

1. Pavement height is lowered in the proximity of junctions or cross points.
2. Construction of pedestrian crossings between the two ends of the road such that there will be no height difference.
3. Footbridges with lifts to be used by the People of Determination .
4. Auditing the designs of the new parking lots to ensure availability of parking for the People of Determination .
5. When carrying out traffic impact studies, attention to be given to providing suitable services for the People of Determination  such as parking, and paths near the entrances.
6. Installing all signs to help the People of Determination  at parking and all areas.
7. Installing ground marking (paints) for the People of Determination .
8. Providing free parking for the People of Determination .
9. Issuance of special parking permits in the emirate of Dubai.
10. Law No. 1/2008 had been issued to regulate the use of special parking in the emirate of Dubai, and accordingly the Executive Regulation of the Law was issued stating the types of permits, beneficiary categories and conditions applicable to them.
11. The Intelligent Traffic Department takes into consideration the needs of the People of Determination  as follows:
12. Salik:
   a. The People of Determination are entitled of having Salik toll exemption of one vehicle and the exemption us renewed every year..
13. Pedestrian light signals:
   a. Take into consideration the movement and speed of the People of Determination  when fixing the timing of pedestrian light signal.
14. Parking Department is keen to provide services for the People of Determination  as follows:
   a. Provision of dedicated parking for the People of Determination .
   b. Parking Department monitors the parking of the People of Determination  to ensure proper usage.

Licensing Agency

1. Provision of integrated directional signs to educate all sectors of the community including the People of Determination .
2. Preparation of vehicles for the People of Determination : It is a service  whereby the client is briefed on the accessories required to be provided in vehicles for the People of Determination  drivers or  vehicles of the People of Determination, along with the companies that provide these accessories.
3. The vehicles are then tested and officially endorsed by Vehicles Licensing Department as a vehicle designated for the People of Determination. 

Dubai Taxi

1. Revising the fare system applicable to the People of Determination  such that it charges  on the same basis as the normal taxis in Dubai.
2. Operating 5 taxis to meet the needs  of the People of Determination  24 hours a day covering all areas of the emirate, driven by well-trained drivers.
3. These vehicles are fitted with:
   a. Special lifts for the wheelchairs.
   b. Artificial respiratory systems.
   c. A wheelchair on board.
   d. Seats for the companions.

Customer Service

1. Providing seats for the People of Determination  at the main entrance of some Customer Service Centers (Umm Ramool, Deira Licensing, Al Barsha).
2. Provision of fast track queue people with the People of Determination .
3. Providing special parking near the main gates.
4. Provision of parking cards.
5. RTA will dedicate counters to the People of Determination  at its key customer service centers*.
6. RTA will give priority to the People of Determination  at its branch customer service centers**.



*RTA Key Customer Service Centers:
 Licensing Department, Deira / Licensing Department, Al Barsha, / Main Customer Service Center, Umm Al Ramool.

**Branch Customer Service Centers:
Al Tuwar Unified Serviecs / Al Safa Co-operative Society / Al Awir Center / City Center.

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