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Apply for a Licence Plate Trading Permit

This service enables you to obtain a permit to practice the activity of vehicle plate trading in the emirate of Dubai.

Companies in Dubai are eligible to apply for this service.
Required documents
  1. Copy of the company's trade licence
  2. No Objection Certificate to issue the trade licence from RTA.
Service fees
  • 25,000 AED insurance fees
  • 500 AED participation fees
  • +20 AED Knowledge and Innovation fees.
Process time
  • 5 minutes.
RTA Headquarters
  • RTA HQ - Ground Floor
  1. The customer submits the required documents by e-mail or at RTA Building - Ground Floor to receive the NOC.
  2. The customer submits the NOC at the Dubai Economy and Tourism to add the activity to his trade licence.
  3. The customer uploads a scanned copy of the trade licence on RTA website.
  4. The customer settles the service fees through the website to activate the service electronically.
Average waiting time
  • Email: instantly
  • RTA Headquarters: 5 minutes.

1 year.

What you will get

Permit to practice the activity of vehicle plates trading in Dubai.

Terms and conditions
  • The customer must have a traffic file in Dubai.
  • The customer must log in to RTA Website to update the trade licence data and settle the fees.
  • The customer can track the application with the application number and the transaction number through the following link.
  • Question 1: What are the fines associated with the plate trading permits?

Answer 1: The fines are:

    • Practicing the activity without a permit: 5,000 AED
    • Practicing the activity with an expired permit: 3,000 AED
    • Practicing activities other than the licensed activity by RTA: 3,000 AED
    • Ceasing or stopping the practice of the activity for more than 6 months without notifying RTA: 1,000 AED
    • Holding auctions on vehicle plate numbers without RTA's permission: 5,000 AED
    • Failing to provide RTA with documents, data and necessary statistics related to the activity: 3,000 AED
    • Allowing a third party to use the permit without RTA's prior consent: 3,000 AED
    • Failing to act in accordance with the stipulations and requirements approved by RTA to practice the activity: 3,000 AED
    • Interrupting or disrupting the work of employees: 5,000 AED
    • Selling the same vehicle plate to more than 1 person: 10,000 AED
    • Selling plates in service centres without RTA's approval: 3,000 AED.

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