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Applying For NOC To Advertise On A Taxi

This service enables the franchise company to advertise on the taxi body of only 50% of the fleet.


​Reference to the UAE Cabinet Decision (30) of 2017 on traffic and traffic safety services, the fees of driving licenses and vehicles are changed. For more information please visit or contact RTA call centre on the following number: 8009090.​


Licensed company by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to transport passengers by taxi.

Required documents

  1. Signed and stamped request letter to advertise on taxis including the following information:
    1. Name of the advertising campaign
    2. Number of vehicles to advertise on
    3. Details of the taxi vehicles to advertise on
    4. Campaign duration (from-to) knowing that a part of a month is considered as a whole month
    5. Advert design approval from Dubai Municipality Advertisement Department


NOC to advertise on a taxi.

Service fees

  • 300 AED monthly fees per vehicle.
  • +20 AED knowledge and innovation fees.


During the period of the campaign.

Average processing time

30 minutes through the email.

Ways to apply


Through email:

  • The company sends a request by email to including all the information of the advertising campaign and the approval letter from the Dubai Municipality
  • RTA verifies the request:
    • In case all requirements are not met, RTA sends an email to the company
    • In case all requirements are met, a payment (advertising campaign fees) is issued and sent to the company
  • The company is required to pay the fees at the Finance Department and to submit the receipt
  • RTA sends the approval of the advert to the company through email.

Terms and conditions

  • The company must comply with the conditions of the commercial advertising in the Emirate of Dubai Guide
  • The company must commit to the campaign end date and remove all the adverts to avoid contravention notice from the Transport Activities Monitoring Department.


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Home/ RTA Services / Service Details

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