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Applying For A Valid UAE Driving License Using Your Foreign License

This service enables you to apply for issuing a new driving license in Dubai based on exchanging license, and according to the list of authorised states for the replacement of the driving license.


Individual customers, citizens and residents, can apply for this service.

Required documents

  1. Original driving license of the exception countries + copy
  2. No Objection Certificate (NOC) form the sponsor except for the 66 professions (mentioned in the chart below)
  3. Eye test (certified by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA))
  4. Emirates ID
  5. Letter from the following countries' embassies or consulates: Greece, Japan, South Korea and Quebec - Canada
  6. Legal translation of the licenses from the below countries :Portugal, Luxumbourg, Slovakia and People's Republic of China

For exchanging Singapore Driving license:

  1. Theory Test is mandatory to convert the driving license in Deira Licensing Department for the duration of 45 minutes. This service is available from Sunday to Thursday between 8 a.m. and 1:15 p.m.

For exchanging a wife's license when she is sponsored by her husband:

  1. Original Emirates ID
  2. Original passport
  3. Copy of the sponsor's passport
  4. Eye test (certified by the DHA)
  5. Original driving license
  6. NOC from the husband

Customer with diplomatic passport:

  1. Original driving license
  2. Diplomatic passport
  3. Letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affaires valid for at least 6 months from the date of submission
  4. RTA accepts Diplomatic Cards for Embassies, Consulates and International Organisations as an official document instead of the Emirates ID

GCC nationalities with driving license from exception countries (mentioned in the chart below)

  1. Emirates ID
  2. Original driving license
  3. Eye test (certified by the DHA)

Customer having a license from exception countries other than GCC countries and his nationality is not from the listed countries:

  1. Parking test
  2. Theory Test
  3. Driving test

Professions that do not require NOC

  1. Free business
  2. Expert
  3. Specialist
  4. Teacher
  5. Consultant
  6. Imam
  7. Treasurer
  8. Storekeeper
  9. Trader
  10. Surgeon
  11. Geologist
  12. Coach
  13. Expert
  14. Speaker
  15. Daiah
  16. Doctor
  17. Auctioneer
  18. Historian
  19. Captain
  20. Broker
  21. Owner or partner of a business/establishment
  22. Pharmacist
  23. Doctor/General practitioner
  24. Pilot
  25. Judge
  26. Legalist
  27. Journalist
  28. Writer
  29. Marriage Official
  30. Teacher
  31. Trainer
  32. Manager
  33. Lawyer
  34. Legal consultant
  35. Tutor
  36. Guide
  37. Lecturer
  38. Engineer
  39. Contractor
  40. Investor
  41. Owner of land or property
  42. Hostess
  43. Nurse
  44. Mufti
  45. Muezzin
  46. Reciter
  47. Businessman
  48. Editor
  49. Producer
  50. Director
  51. Anchor
  52. Program planner
  53. Accountant
  54. Financial analyst/researcher
  55. Economic analyst/researcher
  56. Tour guide
  57. Auditor
  58. Computer programmer
  59. Sports player
  60. Orator
  61. Prosecutor
  62. Commercial agent
  63. Noukhaza
  64. Lawyer
  65. Military personnel
GCC countries Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
European Countries Germany
United Kingdom
North American Countries United States of America
Quebec state in Canada
East Asian Countries japan
People's Republic of China
South Korea
New Zealand
Hong Kong

Exception countries


UAE driving license based on exchange.

Service fees

  • 200 AED for opening a file
  • 150 AED for issuing a license
  • 50 AED for handbook manual
  • 10 AED knowledge fee
  • 10 AED innovation fee.


  • 1 year up to the age of 21
  • 10 years for above the age of 21

Average processing time

1 visit to the service centres.

Ways to apply


Through service centres:

  • The customer presents the required documents at the service centre
  • RTA verifies the driving license authenticity
  • RTA opens a traffic file for the first-time-applying customer
  • The customer is required to settle the payment
  • Once issued and printed, the customer receives the license.

Terms and conditions

  • The customer must be personally present
  • The eye test of the customer must comply with the vehicle category
  • Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) withdraws the customer's original license if it is issued in a GCC country.


  • Question 1: Can the customer exchange his driving license in Dubai if he has a visa from other emirates and a tenancy agreement in Dubai?

Answer 1: The customer can exchange his driving license even if his visa is from other emirates . He must be living and working in Dubai and the company must have a branch in Dubai.

  • Question 2: If the customer is from GCC countries and has a driving license, does he need to exchange it or can he use it to drive in Dubai?

Answer 2: A GCC national is allowed to drive with his own driving license as long as he is on a visit trip but if he is working and living in UAE, then he must exchange the driving license.

  • Question 3: If the customer is on a visit visa with a driving license from GCC countries, but his nationality is not from GCC countries nor from the exception countries, can he drive in Dubai or does he need an international license? What are the vehicles that he can drive using his GCC license?

Answer 3: Yes, the customer can drive light vehicles and motorcycles only as long as he is on visit visa with an international driving license.

  • Question 4: The customer is a USA national with an investment visa, and a US driving license, and he comes in and out of the country. Does he have to exchange his driving license in Dubai or can he use his US license in Dubai?

Answer 4: No, the customer is not allowed to drive with the US driving license.

  • Question 5: The customer has a mission visa, service visa or multiple visa, can he drive in the UAE using a driving license issued in a country which is from the exception countries list? What is the procedure?

Answer 5: No, he cannot.

  • Question 6: What is the procedure if the customer has dual passport and he wants to convert his driving license to Dubai driving license but the visa is stamped on the passport which is not from the listed countries?

Answer 6: As new exception, the driving license can be exchanged. For example, the customer holds two passports, Indian passport and US passport but the residence visa is stamped on the Indian one. His US driving license can be exchanged after being electronically signed by the supervisor.

  • Question 7: The customer has a UK driving license (exception countries) and he is on a visit visa, can he drive a vehicle registered under KSA plate number in the UAE?

Answer 7: The customer cannot drive even if he is holding a UK driving license and a UK passport. He can only drive it in UAE in case he crosses the border while driving it.

  • Question 8: The customer wants to apply for issuing a new driving license based on exchanging license. Are heavy truck driving license and equipment license exchangeable?

Answer 8: For issuing a new driver license based on exchanging license the branch will only accept light vehicle and motorcycle.

  • Question 9: What is the procedure if the customer has a driving license from Dubai and he has exchanged it for an Omani license (GCC)? If the customer wants to come back to Dubai on a residence visa, how can he get the Dubai license back?

Answer 9: For any nationality, if the original driving license is from UAE, the customer can bring his documents to Deira licensing so that they can check his records and provide him with a driving license.

  • Question 10: Can the customer convert a license from New Mexico?

Answer 10: Yes.

  • Question 11: Can the customer convert a license from Puerto Rico?

Answer 11: No.

  • Question 12: Can the customer exchange G1 and G2 Canadian licenses?

Answer 12: No.

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