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Reserving a public parking - Contracting

This service enables you to reserve a parking according to the fees set by the law. The parking is reserved for special parties.


Contracting companies are eligible to apply for this service.

Required documents

  1. A valid trade license for the contracting or engineering consulting company
  2. A letter from the contracting or engineering consulting company detailing the reason for the parking reservation and the number of requested parking spaces
  3. The contracting or consulting agreement
  4. Approval of the Right of Way Department at RTA.


Permit to reserve a parking.

Service fees

  • From 1 to 27 days: 100 AED per day
  • From 28 to 90 days: 2,800 AED
  • From 91 to 112 days: 2,800 AED for the first 90 days + 100 AED per extra day
  • From 113 to 180 days: 5,000 AED
  • From 180 to 220 days: 5,000 AED for the first 180 days + 100 AED per extra day
  • From 221 to 365 days: 9,000 AED
  • 220 AED to apply for the permit
  • +20 AED Knowledge and Innovation fees.


As per the requested period after the agency’s approval.

    Average processing time

    • Centre: 10 minutes.

    Ways to apply


    Through Centre:

    • The customer submits the required documents
    • The customer settles the fees
    • The customer receives the permit from the center in the form of a plastic or paper card or any other form approved by the agency for that purpose, to be used by the vehicles pertaining to the requesting entity.

    Terms and conditions

    • The reserved parking space to be strictly used to load and unload equipment and materials needed for the project realization, and not for any other purpose
    • The number of parking spaces and their reservation period are subject to the approval of the Right of Way department at RTA according to the requirements of the project for which the parking spaces are requested to be reserved. The assessment of the parking administration with regards to the number of the parking spaces allocated is considered final
    • The parking administration has to coordinate with the roads maintenance agency and its facilities to mark the reserved parking spaces in whichever way they see fit
    • The contracting and engineering consulting company must settle to the Parking Administration all fees related to the parking equipment plus 25% administration fees
    • The card is invalid for other already reserved parking spaces.


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