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Applying For A License To Operate A Driving Institute

This service enables you to apply for a permit to establish a driving institute in Dubai. The service is provided by the Drivers Training and Qualification Department at the Licensing Agency (LA) in cooperation with the Commercial Transport Activities Department.


Reference to the UAE Cabinet Decision (30) of 2017 on traffic and traffic safety services, the fees of driving licenses and vehicles are changed. For more information please visit or contact RTA call centre on the following number: 8009090.


UAE citizens and GCC citizens are only eligible to apply for this service.

Required documents

  1. Letter from the investor along with the feasibility study of the project
  2. Bank guarantee on behalf of the facility worth 300,000 AED
  3. Valid certificate that guarantees the provision of the safety requirements for the protection against fire issued by the General Directorate of Civil Defence in the emirate.


License to operate a driving institute.

Service fees

  • 500 AED
  • +20 AED knowledge and innovation fees.


1 year.

Ready to apply for this service?

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Average processing time

  • Service centre: unidentified.

Ways to apply


Through Service Centre:

  • The customer submits the required documents at the main office
  • RTA submits the feasibility study to the Commercial and Investment Department to check it and to make recommendations
  • The Licensing Agency submits to the Board of Directors the request of the party willing to have a permit and the recommendations of the Commercial and Investment Department
  • If the Board of Directors approves the request, the Drivers Training and Qualification Department gives the customer a preliminary permit approval to operate a driving institute. The Drivers Training and Qualification Department asks the customer to submit the engineering plans of the facility, its location, the training tracks, and the number and type of vehicles that the customer is willing to use
  • Once the Traffic Department approves the study of the traffic impacts and the entrances and exits of the facility and once the technical team at the Licensing Agency approves the training and testing tracks in cooperation with the Traffic Safety Department at the Traffic Department, and the locations of the theoretical training, the Licensing Agency issues a No Objection Certificate for the customer, allowing him to issue a trade license from the Commercial Transport Activities Department at the Department of Economic Development after settling the required fees
  • The customer cooperates with the technical team at the Licensing Agency before starting the construction works and the plans of the training and testing areas. The technical team inspects the facility, its location, area, and buildings as well as the training tracks and the locations of the practical training and the theoretical training halls
  • Once the customer finalises the building and the construction works at the facility and after receiving the approval of the technical team that all requirements are met, the Licensing Agency, upon the request of the investor, cooperates with the service provider who is in charge of the Traffic System and electronic licensing and testing systems at the agency and the finance department to open a page in the system for the facility to start its work on the condition that the facility pays the costs of the electronic connectivity
  • The technical team carries out trial transactions on samples from the traffic transactions to test the traffic system and the working hours of the facility.

Terms and conditions

  • The customer must have good conduct and must not have any criminal conviction or a breach of honour or of the public trust doctrine
  • The total area of the land where the facility will be built and its surrounding area must not exceed 300,000 square feet which is enough for training and testing (this condition is applicable on licensed facilities before the adoption of order No.6 of 2009)
  • The customer must provide adopted and ratified scale drawings and engineering plans of the facility from the concerned authorities in the emirate, as well as the track of the practical training according to adopted models
  • The customer must have the approval of the Traffic Department of entrances and exits of the facility and internal and external movement and must provide the number of the customers parking spots and must precise the contribution of the facility to roads and transport plans according to the order No.6 of 2006 which is related to the contributions of investors to the plans of roads and transport
  • The customer must comply with the requirements of the environment, health and safety system adopted by RTA and must comply with all relevant laws of the country
  • The customer must provide the Licensing Agency with a fully equipped department in accordance with the form presiding over the implementation of the standards related to the the examiner’s work environment
  • The customer must provide the sufficient number of training and testing vehicles according to the technical standards and requirements and must hold periodic rounds of maintenance for these vehicles. The vehicles must be insured and their number must not exceed the maximum number specified by the Drivers Training and Qualification Department
  • The customer must present a statement showing the fees of training and services specified or added after agreeing with the Licensing Agency
  • The customer must comply with the training requirements and the theoretical and practical training sessions and their duration that are determined by the Licensing Agency guidelines
  • The customer must appoint qualified trainers and lecturers according to the conditions set by the Licensing Agency
  • The customer must comply with the standardised training agreement adopted by the Licensing Agency when hiring trainers
  • The customer must not give statements to the press and must not issue any publications or handbooks related to the training process before having the written approval of the Licensing Agency
  • The customer must comply with the unified training program set by the Licensing Agency for all vehicles
  • The customer must sign agreements related to practicing the activity and other agreements related to the level of the provided services

For additional information : The provisions of the Federal Traffic Law No. 21 of 1995 and its implementing regulations and order No. 6 of 2009 on licensing facilities to operate as driving institutes in Dubai and its implementing regulations, and the third version of the guide related to licensing facilities to operate as driving institutes.

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