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Transport Using Luxury Vehicles

This service enables you to commute using luxury vehicles designed to meet the demands of customers in the tourism sector such as hotels, organisers of tourism trips or airlines, as well as users of e-hail smart applications approved in Dubai.

All individual customers are eligible to benefit from this service.
Required documents
  • This service has no required documents.
Service fees

Minimum fees

  • Limousine/E-hail service charges are at least 30% higher than taxi fares
Process time
  • 5 minutes.
RTA Partner Apps
  1. The customer downloads the smart application.
  2. The customer registers for the service.
  3. The customer activates the application after confirming the provided data and payment details.
  4. The app specifies the location of the luxury vehicle, its estimated time of arrival, the estimated travel time and the trip cost to the desired destination.
  5. The customer books the service through the app by credit card.
  6. The customer takes the ride and reaches his pre-designated destination.
  7. The customer receives the payment receipt by email and SMS.
Average waiting time
  • Instantly.

From the time of requesting the service until the end of the journey.

What you will get

Transport using luxury vehicles.

Terms and conditions
  • This service has no terms and conditions.

This service has no FAQs.

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