What is the Vehicle Parking Service provided by RTA?

Vehicle parking service provided by RTA is one of the essential services that helps in stimulating trade activities in Dubai, as the RTA secures a safe and comfortable use of parking all over the emirate, that allows more and more Vehicles to roam around Dubai.


Types of public parking:

• (A, B, E, F) Public parking
• Multi- story parking
• Special needs parking
• Allocated public parking
• Reserved public parking


Why should I pay for using RTA parking?

Through parking fees paid by users, RTA is able to serve roads in a better way, while keeping parking facilities in a an excellent conditions, for the comfort of road users.


Terms & Conditions of public parking usage:

Public Vehicle parking service in Dubai is available for all types of vehicles, either private or commercial, along with motorcycles, upon apply to the RTA terms and conditions:

• Comply with Traffic rules.
• Comply with the good use of the parking, and the occupancy of only one parking in a time.
• Payment of parking fees only in UAE currency.
• Vehicles registered in Dubai do not need pre-registration for using public parking in Dubai.
• Vehicles registered outside Dubai need a pre-registration to use the Payment for parking through Mobile phone SMS mParking service.


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