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Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport

The United Arab Emirates has been rapidly witnessing a substantial growth of population and urbanization and an unprecedented stride in the constructional developments along with the boom and economic developments, elements of importance that placed pressures on the transportation systems of all types,This annual award seeks to encourage and raise awareness among various segments of the local community.


Stay tuned for the 12th cycle

Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Crown Prince and Chairman of the Executive Council, the Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport (DAST), has made enormous strides towards becoming one of the most coveted awards that leverage environmental sustainability. 

Launched by Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in 2008, the award succeeded in prompting individuals and community organisations to play a positive role in supporting RTA’s efforts to improve infrastructure and public transport.  It also showcased the leading role of RTA in forging partnerships with stakeholders in the field of transport, safety and environment. 

The award highlights the importance of sustainable transport rendering it vital among business entities. It promotes public awareness and the sense of responsibility as well as the initiative spirit. It has also encouraged the development of successful initiatives in the field of transport, safety and environment amongst the corporate sector and individuals.

DAST has motivated the spirit of innovation and launched pioneering and creative initiatives across varied mobility fields benefitting all. It has placed sustainable transport and environmental conservation amongst the key concerns of entities and the local media. 

DAST has undergone phenomenal growth over a decade or more. During the first rounds, participation in the award was limited to Dubai. From the 4th edition, it covered the entire UAE. From its upcoming 12th edition, DAST will step out to cover the MENA region. Categories of DAST have more than tripled from only three categories in 2008 to 10 categories in 2018. Submissions leapfrogged from 28 nominations in the first edition to 129 nominations in 2018. Equally, the number of participants jumped from 90 participants in 2008 to as much as 600 participants in 2018. 

DAST is a practical demonstration of RTA’s vision of ‘Safe and Smooth Transport for All’ and keeping pace with the ongoing evolution of trade, economy, tourism, real estate and other key sectors. It is also viewed as a practical manifestation of RTA’s endeavours to engage government, semi-government and private entities in boosting the integration of various transit means.

His Excellency Mattar Mohammed Al Tayer
Director General

Mobility management

The primary focus of the Mobility Management Category is on initiatives and practices that have helped in making more efficient use of existing transportation facilities. More specifically, the adopted initiatives must encompass any of the following aspects

  • Initiatives or practices that lead to noticeable reduction in number of regular trips made by private vehicles.
  • Initiatives or practices that lead to increasing the use of non-motorized mode of transport such as walking and cycling.
  • Initiatives or practices that address the mobility needs of special groups such as the disabled, elderly and children.
  • Initiatives or practices that lead to more efficient management of major private parking facilities.

Transport safety

The main objective of this initiative is shedding lights over an applicable practices and approaches that contribute in escalading different public transportation means, such as:

  • Users of transport modes: through enhancement and elevation of both knowledge and adherence to safety regulations and safer practices when operating or using any of the transportation modes.
  • Vehicles: through improvement of safety standards by making any of the transportation vehicles (i.e. cars, trucks, buses and ferries) safer. This may include simple or complex application of technological or material modifications to those vehicles.
  • Smart Applications: through enhancement of electronic programs and latest applications for smart phones and devices, and websites that are related to areas of sustainable transport.
  • Transport installations: through the enhancement of safety aspects related to transportation facilities such as roadways, bus stations, lay bus, rail platforms and ferry stations.

Environmental protection
  • Initiatives and practices that lead to decreasing the level and impact of air pollution resulting from various modes of transport.
  • Initiatives and practices that lead to decreasing the level and impact of noise or negative visual pollution resulting from various modes of transport.
  • Initiatives and practices that lead to decreasing the level and impact of pollution resulting from discarded fuels, lubricants, tires, batteries and other types of wastes of transport modes.

Transport for people of determination
  • Initiatives and practices that directly or indirectly enable the easy movement and commuting of people of determination.
  • Initiatives and practices that efficiently integrate people of determination into society through using transport facilities.

Special awards
  • The Best Academic Research:This category is for academic professionals who have conducted the best original research in the field of sustainable transport.
  • Best student project: Best student project award in the field of sustainable transport that targets sustainable transport driven projects of student in educational institutions in the UAE.
  • Best journalist:
    • How has the published information raised public awareness on sustainable transport
    • The commitment of the journalist towards linking the published content on sustainable transport concepts with media standards and ethics (accuracy, transparency, objectivity and creditability)
    • The use of innovative and creative approaches to convey the media messages and its impact on the public
    • The space and layout devoted to infographics and visuals in the media, and using multimedia and videos in simplifying and explaining the concept
    • A minimum of 4 Reports for conventional media, and 6 for digital media in 2018
  • The Best Media Team:
    • How has the team supported the publishing of content related to sustainable transport in general
    • The quality of media coverage in terms of content, images, visuals and concept flow
    • The coverage produced in general, the various resources used, and means of delivering messages and ideas
    • Initiatives undertaken to compile articles and topics about sustainable transport
    • A minimum of 4-6 self initiated features in 2018
  • Sustainability Ambassador:This Category targets students in educational institutions across the UAE.
  • Best Academic Institution Supportive of Sustainability:This Category is for Academic Institution across the UAE.

Dubai Municipality
Al Naboodah Group Enterprises

Congratulations to our winners in the 11th Edition

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Award Categories

The award types span over many categories to encourage and raise awareness among the community and its various organizations to play with a proactive and constructive role in supporting the rta carry out its objectives by initiating and pursuing sustainable transport practices.

Transport for people of determination
Environmental protection
Transport safety
Mobility management
Special awards

Home/ Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport

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