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Terms & Conditions of Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport


  1. Application requests are submitted by filling out official nomination forms/requests available through Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport website on official website of Roads and Transport Authority along with attaching a copy of the documents, and evidence that support the initiative's nomination for the award.
  2. Applicant undertakes that all provided information is true and accurate, and acknowledges and agrees that the "General Secretariat of the Award" has the full right to disqualify any participation in the "Award" at any stage if it is proven that the participant provided false/inaccurate/misleading information and fails to comply with the terms and conditions of participation.
  3. Applications must contain clear and adequate details that enables judging jury to analyze it correctly, including the obligation to cooperate fully with judging jury when requesting additional information that contributes to evaluating the participation.
  4. The winning initiative in Dubai Award for Sustainable Transport is not allowed to participate again in any other category, and it is not permissible to participate in more than one category for the same initiative.
  5. Any institution may apply in all categories in one year, if it submits a separate application for each category.
  6. In the case of joint applications between institutions, companies and individuals, an acknowledgment must be attached stating that all concerned parties agree to submit the application for the award.
  7. The Award reserves the right to refuse or reconsiders any application submission in case it encroach intellectual property rights of a third party and any decision in this regard will be final and not subject to appeal.
  8. Judging Jury has the right to cancel any application in the event of non-compliance with the conditions, and the applicant can be alerted if this becomes clear during the stages of receiving and evaluating applications.
  9. Judging Jury decisions are final and not subject to appeal or reconsideration.
  10. Granted Award may be canceled/withdrawn and a refund of the award cash value may be claimed, if it is discovered that the winner has provided false or misleading information in his application or if it is found that application encroach intellectual property rights of a third party.
  11. RTA may include the winning initiatives in the award brochure and display them through the award website, and RTA website with the applicant's names or RTA may include the winning initiatives in seminars and workshops conducted during the award sessions.

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