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Sep 27 2015

RTA Certified Opticians

The RTA, in cooperation with the Dubai Health Authority, will require all "passed" eye sight test results for driver licenses to be sent to the RTA through its Online service. The eye test result is to be provided to RTA as soon as the client has passed the eye test. From 22 March 2012, the RTA will not renew a driver's license if the eye test result has not been provided electronically to the Agency. No paper test results will be accepted and clients will be returned to the Optician.

Those Opticians who provide test results Online will be required to sign an Agreement with RTA to use its existing Online service. No fees are payable to RTA for using this service.

Those Opticians that sign the Agreement to provide eye test results electronically will be called "RTA Certified Opticians". Clients will be advised to see a Certified Optician or Trusted Agent-Optician to have their eye sight test.

You may be aware, that there are 4 Trusted Agent-Opticians who already send eye test results to RTA Online, these Opticians also renew driver's licenses. There is already 1 Optician who is a Certified Optician and sends eye test results Online to RTA. It means over 60 eye test sites in Dubai already provide eye test results Online to the RTA. All Certified Opticians will use RTA's existing Online service to send test results.

Sending eye test results Online allows clients to renew their driver's license Online or by telephone which increases client convenience. Opticians who do not send eye test results electronically to the RTA will not be approved to do eye sight tests for driver's licenses.

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