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Apr 21 2018

Opening three new bridges on Airport St 27 April 2018



Announcement of the opening of three new bridges as part of the Airport Street Improvement Project in (27 April 2018). By opening these bridges, RTA completes the opening of all bridges on the Airport Street, which considerably contributes to easing the traffic flow. A two-lane tunnel will be opened to serve the traffic inbound from the Airport Street heading towards Marrakech Street in July this year. 

Bridges to be opened include a two-lane bridge to serve the traffic from Nad Al Hamar Street to the Airport Street. This bridge will ease the snarls resulting from the overlapping traffic at Nad Al Hamar Interchange between the first circular slope heading leftward from Nad Al Hamar to the Airport Street, and the second circular slope heading leftward from the Airport Street to Nad Al Hamar Street. The traffic on the first circular slope will be limited to U-turns in the direction of Nad Al Hamar Str.

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