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Aug 20 2014

Metro Baby

“Metro Baby” contest


About the contest:

“Metro Baby” contest is a competition launched in celebration of the metro 5th anniversary where it invites parents to post images of their children who were born on 9/9/2009.


Details & information about the contest:

• The official hashtag of the Metro Baby contest is (#IAmAMetroBaby), which can be used when uploading images of those born on 9/9/2009 across different social media platforms.
• Five winners will be selected in the contest.
• The first winner in the Metro Baby contest will be rewarded with a trip to Euro Disney offered to the child along with three of his or her family members.
• The other four winners in the contest will get valuable other prizes.
• Winners will be selected in a draw and the process will be filmed and uploaded in social media channels.


How to apply in the contest:

1. Upload a baby picture of your child born on 09/09/09
2. Share the picture on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #IAmAMetroBaby tagging us
3. Send the birth certificate of your child, his/her picture and your contact details to



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