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Jul 12 2015

Launching Sharekni in 5 languages


Launching (Sharekni) in 5 languages


The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched the smart App ‘Sharekni’ enabling groups of riders to share vehicles in travelling from and to their workplaces. Through this app, individuals can register details of the car-sharing process where relevant permits can be issued electronically. The App is currently available in Arabic and English, but will soon be available in Chinese, Tagalog and Urdu languages.


Launching Sharekni app is part of endeavors to transform Dubai into the smartest city in the world. Through this service, the RTA is seeking to ease snarls in Dubai, especially during peak times, reduce the number of Single Occupancy Vehicles (SOVs), and slash the overall number of vehicles on streets. Such a practice will cut the number of kilometers travelled & accordingly the costs of operating vehicles. The service portal ( has been upgraded, and the smart app has been carefully designed to make it friendly to all community segments. For instance the newer version simplifies the registration process, enables communication with customers through text messages & e-mails, and allows all holders of driving licenses issued from various emirates of the UAE to sign-in, whereas the previous version was restricted to holders of driving licenses issued from Dubai only. The new website enables surfers to search for vehicles using a number of variables to fine-tune the search and assist potential riders to achieve their targets. The added features include saving search results for possible future use which saves users’ time, displaying riders & drivers in a map, providing a control panel enabling users to update & display journey & personal details, and offering users the option of normal search or search through maps. The app provides details about the vehicle, a specific route, best-rated driver, and the most frequent routes.

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