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Feb 01 2015

RTA sets up circuit to promote basics of using quadbikes


RTA sets up circuit to promote basics of using quadbikes

The Roads and Transport Authority has set up an exclusive circuit for practicing driving of quadbikes at Al Awir 1 in Dubai under the theme Safe Driving … More Fun. The event was aimed to raise the awareness of quad bike users, as well as their parents, about the basics of driving quadbikes in a bid to protect them against dangerous accidents threatening their lives and other peoples.

Designating a quadbike circuit for quadbike enthusiasts signals the teaming with other government entities, such as Dubai Police, in combating negative practices resulting from negligence and malpractices related to this type of bikes along with the associated potential risks posed to users and others. It also involves cooperating with parents and offering them a thorough explanation of the safety means that have to be taken into consideration during driving such as the special protective gear (helmet), familiarizing them with various types of quadbikes that suit age brackets of their children, and educating them about suitable locations for practicing this hobby.

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