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Together Towards Sustainability

RTA is deeply committed to providing excellent services in the field of sustainable transport. Sustainability initiatives as well as environmentally responsible practices are embedded into RTA's overall strategies and are essential in evaluating corporate performance. Join us and be an active partner in creating a more sustainable future on both the personal and community level. Below are some tips and suggestions on how you can do your part.

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A Bus Within your Fingertips

"Dubai Bus on Demand" is a smart way to travel by sharing your ride with others who are heading on similar routes. When you share a ride, you preserve the environment by reducing congestion and CO2 emissions.

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Plan Ahead

Our Journey Planner is here to help you plan and learn all the information you need for a simple and comfortable quick trip to your destination. As you check the most convenient options, which work best for you, think of the environment as well.

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Enjoy an e-scooter ride

Commute and cut short distances towards public transport modes in an entertaining way and perhaps you may discover your new favorite hobby. Ride an e-scooter and enjoy the scenic route.

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Cycling is the perfect method to commute and preserve the environment through an enjoyable experience. You can exercise and improve your health, enjoy the outdoors all while lowering greenhouse gases emissions.

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Public Transport

RTA continuously exerts efforts to plan for sustainable and environmental-friendly public transport and integrate it as part of its strategic plans. In general, using public transportation, instead of private vehicles, reduces the number of vehicles in transit and thus reduces CO2 emissions and protects the environment.

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Green Driving

If you are unable to avoid using your vehicle, you can still make an impact by checking your tyre pressure on a regular basis, driving slowly to use less fuel, and driving smoothly to avoid constant stopping and starting.

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