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Opening 4-lane tunnel on Sheikh Rashid Street

RTA Dubai has opened a tunnel on both sides of Sheikh Rashid Street (Al Garhoud and Mina Rashid) comprising four lanes in each direction on 03-05-2018


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Diverting several licensing services to smart channels

(RTA) is intending to divert several licensing services to smart channels starting from the end of April 2018.


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Opening three new bridges on Airport St 27 April 2018

Announcement of the opening of three new bridges as part of the Airport Street Improvement Project in (27 April 2018)


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Launching payment of taxi fare via mobile phones service

(RTA) in partnership with Network International has introduced a new service enabling the payment of taxi fares in Dubai via Samsung Pay and Apple Pay apps


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Opening two new bridges at Marrakech-Airport Roads Intersection

RTA has completed construction works on the two main bridges at the intersection of Marrakech-Airport Roads and will phase their opening in two stages. The first stage will see the existing traffic movement incoming form Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Rd and Al Khawaneej heading to Deira


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Opening new bridge at Airport-Casablanca Streets Intersection

RTA had opened a new bridge at the intersection of Airport-Casablanca Streets, on 19th January 2018, nearby the Cargo Village building.


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Completion of Dubai Parks Bridges Project, costing AED250m

RTA has announced the completion of construction works of Dubai Parks & Resorts project in cooperation with the Meraas Holding at a cost tag of AED250 million.


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RTA applies final touches to Dubai water canal

RTA represented by the Traffic and Roads Agency started applying the final touches to the project of the Dubai Water Canal


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Opens three lanes of Sh. Mohammed bin Zayed Rd Widening Project

RTA opens three new lanes as part of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road Widening Project, A total of six lanes stretching from Al Yalayis Road Junction to Jebel Ali-Lehbab Roundabout.


announcement image

Opening of Abu Dhabi-bound Southern bridge of Sheikh Zayed Rd

RTA opens Abu Dhabi-bound southern bridge on the Sheikh Zayed Road as part of the initial phase of the Dubai Water Canal Project.


announcement image

Opening Al Wasl Bridge a part of Dubai Water Canal Project

RTA opens Al Wasl Street Bridge as part of Phase II of Dubai Water Canal Project. The Bridge consists of two lanes in each direction in addition to another lane serving the traffic coming from Al Wasl Street to Al Aathar Street.


announcement image

Opening of 3-lane Wafi Bridge

The RTA has opened a three-lane bridge extending 700 meters from Oud Metha Road in the direction of the Sheikh Rashid Road, and from there to the Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Saada Road


announcement image

RTA opens junction of Amman & Algiers streets

(RTA) opened the signalized junction linking Amman Street and Algiers Street at the Muhaisna 2, as part of the comprehensive road development project in the area, aimed at easing the congested traffic flow in the area affected by the close proximity to labors quarters


announcement image

Opening of traffic detour at Al Houdh R/A in April 2016

(RTA) announced the completion of works in the second and final stage of the main traffic diversion at Al Houdh R/A, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road


announcement image

Al Tayer: Humanitarian aid defines UAE’s tradition & identity

The launch of Mohammed Bin Rashid Global Centre for Endowment Consultancy complements the caring drive of the UAE inaugurated by the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.


announcement image

Ramp linking Al Aathar, Al Hadiqa Roads

The Roads and Transport Authority has opened new bridge serving the traffic inbound from Al Aathar Road heading towards Al Hadiqa Road


announcement image

RTA launches the first smart air-conditioned shelter for bus riders in Jumeirah

RTA has inaugurated the first smart air-conditioned shelter for bus riders in Jumeirah. The shelter offers several other services to the public.


announcement image

RTA Certified Opticians

The RTA, in cooperation with the Dubai Health Authority, will require all "passed" eye sight test results for driver


announcement image

Amending schedules of Metro and Tram services

RTA intends to introduce permanent changes to the Dubai Metro operational hours on Friday


announcement image

Temporary detour at Al Seef Rd

RTA opens on Friday 18th of September 2015, a traffic diversion on Al Seef Road, in a one-way route in the direction of Al Fahidi


announcement image

Temporary traffic diversion parallel to Wafi Mall

RTA has opened a temporary traffic diversion on the Sheikh Rashid Road for the traffic coming from Dubai heading towards Abu Dhabi


announcement image

RTA licensing eTraffic outage

Please be informed that all modules and channels of RTA Licensing eTraffic Application will be under outage


announcement image

Revamping 16 bus stations in Dubai, fits them with 3D maps

RTA has completed the installation of 3D maps of public bus routes in 16 bus stations in Dubai


announcement image

RTA Starts booking appointments of vehicle testing

RTA set in motion a system for booking appointments for technical testing of vehicles


announcement image

Opening of traffic diversion on both sides of Jumeirah Street

The Roads and Transport Authority - RTA opens the first stage of main traffic diversions on the Jumeirah Street nearby Jumeirah Park


announcement image

The online booking of Water Taxi service

RTA has launched the online booking of the Water Taxi service. It is now possible for Water Taxi riders to log on to RTA portal at any time


announcement image

Launching Sharekni in 5 languages

The Roads and Transport Authority has launched the smart App Sharekni enabling groups of riders to share vehicles in travelling from and to their workplaces.


announcement image

Risks Recognition Test for driving trainees

Licensing Agency launches on July 2015 the Risks Recognition Test as part of an enhanced Theoretical Knowledge Test


announcement image

UAE Exchange joins Metro Naming Rights bandwagon

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has inked an agreement with UAE Exchange, whereby the later has joined the Dubai Metro Stations Naming Rights project


announcement image

The Kick-off of phase 2 of Sky Bus to commute passengers for free

The RTA has launched Phase 2 of the Sky Bus initiative branded as Terhab


announcement image

Smart parking inspection App

New App enabling parking inspectors in the Emirate to quickly identify vehicles in breach of the law governing the use of public car parks in the Emirate of Dubai.


announcement image

Complimentary parking permits for vehicles at non-paid parking locations

RTA announced the introduction of a parking permit system designed for inhabitants of residential districts in the Emirate, providing them with free parking permits


announcement image

Asset Management Policy

RTA considers effective asset management as vital to the success of its plans, which include development, operation and maintenance.


announcement image

Pre-booking of vehicle testing service

A new service designed to provide owners of vehicles with freedom of choice to make prior booking for the timing of technical testing of their vehicles


announcement image

RTA opens new Water Taxi station

The Roads and Transport Authority has recently opened a new Water Taxi station Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah Station


announcement image

RTA set to write off vehicles unregistered for 3 years or more

RTA has started working on arrangements for removing vehicles whose registration expired three years ago or more from the Unified Traffic System


announcement image

RTA solicits coordination with active social media users to promote awareness messages

As the start of 2015, the Roads and Transport Authority has embarked on coordination with huge numbers of active social media users


announcement image

Opening five new bus stops to lift riders from Sharjah to Dubai

The Roads & Transport Authority has recently introduced some improvements in the network of inter-city buses


announcement image

Adopting the use of water jet blasting technology to remove road markings and spilled paints

The project is crystalized in adopting the latest water jet blasters using cutting-edge technology in removing markings and paints spilled on roads.


announcement image

RTA launches Rasid System to monitor bus ridership

The RTA has recently launched a sophisticated automatic bus passengers counting system branded as Rasid


announcement image

Reducing speed limit on a sector of Dubai-Al Ain highway

RTA has decided to reduce the maximum speed on a sector of Dubai-Al Ain Road stretching from Emirates Road Interchange to Bu Kadrah Interchange


announcement image

RTA activates violations against the misuse of the Al Masar

The RTA has announced the start of reporting fines against vehicles misusing the Bus and Taxi Only Lanes the Al Masar as of 1 April 2015


announcement image

RTA urges passengers to avoid riding unlicensed vehicles

RTA has called on all community members to shun the use of illegal or unlicensed transit means as they constitute grave risks to the security and safety of riders


announcement image

Completing the construction and opening of all internal roads at Warqaa 1, 2, 3 and 4

RTA in Dubai has completed the construction of all internal roads at Al Warqaa 1, 2, 3 and 4 Internal Roads Project.


announcement image

Mustering field & electronic support for Gulf Traffic Week

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has diversified its interactive awareness channels to drum up support for the Gulf Traffic Week 2015


announcement image

RTA starts imposing fines to protect privacy of women’s metro compartment

RTA has started slapping a AED100-fine on every unauthorized male rider found in the newly expanded Women and Children-Only Compartment of the Dubai Metro


announcement image

New distinguished plates starting with Zero on offer

RTA is offering a new code of distinctive number plates for vehicles starting with the digit ZERO


announcement image

Launching Newly Designed Motorcycle Number Plates

Motorcyclists and motorcycle owners are required at the time of renewing registration to replace their old plates by new ones


announcement image

RTA embarks on report offences against unlicensed semi-trailers

As of April 15th 2015, The Roads and Transport Authority starts issuing offences to semi-trailers bearing no registration numbers


announcement image

New communication channel for passenger transport-related services

The Roads and Transport Authority has introduced a new channel for communicating with customers


announcement image

RTA sets up circuit to promote basics of using quadbikes

The Roads and Transport Authority has set up an exclusive circuit for practicing driving of quadbikes at Al Awir 1 in Dubai


announcement image

RTA’s Drivers and Vehicles App boasts of m-Store service

RTA has recently launched m-Store service, an electronic purse integrated in the smart Drivers and Vehicles App


announcement image

RTA opens new bus route and improves other routes in Dubai

The RTA, has decided that as the first of February 2015 is the launching date for a new bus route and improving other routes in the Emirate of Dubai


announcement image

RTA Best Smart App Contest for Students

The RTA has rolled out an innovative Contest. This Contest is sponsored by Smart Government and Smart City committees


announcement image

RTA offers citizens free directional signboards for condolences

RTA announced a new complimentary service to Emiratis offering them standardized and suitable signage to be used


announcement image

A new jogging track around Safa Park

The Roads and Transport Authority has opened a new jogging track around Safa Park under Part 1 of Phase III of the Dubai Water Canal Project


announcement image

RTA maps out traffic plan, beefs up transit services during New Year celebrations

As part of the preparations for the New Year celebrations, the RTA has developed a comprehensive plan for the traffic movement and mass transit services


announcement image

Adopting extra measures to enhance safe Tram movement

RTA has taken preventive measures to step up the level of traffic safety at signalized junctions along the tramway which lead to overlapping tram-vehicular traffic


announcement image

RTA activates eLink with DED about commercial licensing

The Roads and Transport Authority has activated the e-traffic link scheme with the Department of Economic Development in Dubai with the aim of issuing all sorts of commercial transport licenses


announcement image

Exclusive packages for marine transit means on New Year Eve

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is rolling out special offers & super services on marine transit modes, comprising the Water Bus, Water Taxi, Dubai Ferry and Abra on the eve of the New Year


announcement image

Dubai Brand Vehicle Plate Numbers

RTA launched the Dubai Brand Vehicle Plate Numbers on the 15th of December 2014


announcement image

Desert Guide - a new essential prerequisite for Desert Safari drivers

RTA and the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, have set key stipulations for safari drivers in the Emirate of Dubai


announcement image

New smart kiosks offering upgraded array of services

The RTA announced that its smart kiosks have received about 73 thousand transactions since the inauguration of the service last December 2013, and plans are being hatched to step up the capacity of these kiosks by adding a number of other services.


announcement image

Close the access bridge from Jumeirah Lake Towers

The Roads and Transport Authority RTA announces that it will close the access bridge from Jumeirah Lake Towers JLT and Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road


announcement image

Smart tourist guide service - Nahaam

The Roads and Transport Authority RTA, has launched a smart tourist guide service billed as Nahaam on board the Dubai Ferry


announcement image

Dubai Tram service hours

RTA has announced the operation hours of the Dubai Tram


announcement image

RTA welcomes companies qualifying requests for new projects

RTA wishes to invite active companies in the following fields to register for the RTA trusted vendors list


announcement image

Touristic Abras in the Global Village

The RTA has launched a route for the touristic Abras in the Global Village


announcement image

Atlantis Abra Service

RTA has launched in 1st November 2014, a new Abra cruises to set sail with waves of Atlantis waters


announcement image

Opening of main traffic diversion on Al Wasl Road

The Roads and Transport Authority RTA opens the main traffic diversion on Al Wasl Road, nearby Al Safa Park on the 31st October 2014


announcement image

RTA opens Jumeirah Corniche

The Roads and Transport Authority RTA has fully opened the Jumeirah Corniche stretching 14 kilometers


announcement image

Developing 2nd phase of the Online Mortgage Service

The RTA has announced it is commencing the development of the 2nd Phase of its Online Mortgage Service


announcement image

Augmented Reality to Wojhati app

The Roads and Transport Authority has exhibited in Gitex Technology Week 2014 in Dubai a new update of the Journey Planner Wojhati App


announcement image

RTA unveils experimental NOL Contact Card

RTA has unveiled an experimental version of NOL Contact Card at Gitex Technology Week 2014


announcement image

RTA launches Smart Drive app

The Roads and Transport Authority RTA has launched the Smart Drive application Dubai Gitex 2014, which has been made available at Google Play and Apple Store in mobile phones.


announcement image

Opening of Qarn Al Sabkha Road

The Roads and Transport Authority RTA has accomplished work in Qarn Al Sabkha Road linking the Sheikh Zayed Road at the JLT junction


announcement image

Tourist trips for Dubai Ferry from Al Mamzar

RTA launched a new tourist route for Dubai Ferry from Al Mamzar Marine Transport Station exclusively on Thursdays and Fridays


announcement image

RTA deploys 5 modern abras in Dubai Creek

RTA has launched the operation of five modern abras, featuring a heritage-inspired design emulating the shape of traditional abras


announcement image

DAMAC Properties joins Metro Naming Rights

The Roads and Transport Authority has signed a partnership agreement with DAMAC Properties whereby the latter has joined naming rights of the Dubai Metro Stations and sealed the naming right of the Dubai Marina Station on the Metro Red Line


announcement image

e-wallet service applies to all licensing transactions of corporate entities with a fleet of 50 vehicles or more

The Roads and Transport Authority RTA has invalidated the cash transactions for corporate entities with a fleet of 50 vehicles or more registered in their traffic files and shifted them to e-wallet service as regards vehicle licensing, registration, transfer and the change of ownership.


announcement image

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank hops on Dubai metro naming rights

The Roads and Transport Authority RTA has announced that the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank ADCB has joined the Dubai Metro’s corporate bandwagon, allowing Karama station on the Red Line to be named after this flagship financial institution.


announcement image

Inaugurating a new Dubai Ferry route

The Roads and Transport Authority launched on Monday Sept 1st 2014 a new Dubai Ferry route from the Marina Mall to Al Ghubaiba Station and vice versa


announcement image

Promotional Packages for Government Departments

Promotional Marine Packages for Government Departments - Ferry Dubai, Water Taxi, and Water Bus


announcement image

Salik top-up service through eVouchers

The Roads and Transport Authority RTA announced the launch of a new Salik balance recharge service through eVouchers


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Temporary closure of the Shandagha Tunnel

The Roads and Transport Authority RTA announced that Shandagha Tunnel will be temporarily closed


announcement image

Metro Congrats

Metro Congrats contest is a video footage showing participating children extending congratulations to the Dubai Metro


announcement image

Metro Baby

Metro Baby - contest is a competition launched in celebration of the metro 5th anniversary where it invites parents to post images of their children who were born on 9.9.2009.


announcement image

Parking permits service for seniors and disabled via smart phones

The Roads and Transport Authority has launched a service for issuing and renewing parking permits for the elderly and the disabled, and renewing permits for the disabled through smart phones using RTA DUBAI App.


announcement image

RTA reminds public transport users of the expiry of some NOL cards

RTA reminds public transport users in the Emirate of Dubai that some gold, silver and blue NOL cards representing the inaugural batch of these cards expire on August 1st 2014, having completed 5 years since issued on August 1st, 2009.


announcement image

Smart metro information kiosks service in 23 stations

The smart metro information kiosk service crystallizes in deploying 50 information systems in 23 metro stations on both the Red and Green Lines, offering a diverse cast of information and services to meet the needs of the metro riders.


announcement image

NOL Photography Competition

Launch a photography contest that will invite professional and amateur photographers to share photos of Dubai through their lens.


announcement image

Completing internal road projects at 9 residential communities within Dubai

The project includes the construction of internal roads in 9 residential communities stretching 193 km at a cost of about 400 million dirham spanning Hatta


announcement image

One-Day Ticket for Water Bus Service at Dubai Marina

One-Day Ticket for Water Bus Service has been devised with a view to attracting tourists, visitors and residents to know more about the Dubai Emirate through taking water bus rides via four stations within the Dubai Marina.


announcement image

Take control of the Smartest Car on the road

There are many ways to order your Smart Taxi. All you need is the amazing Smart Taxi App to Book, Track and Rate your taxi right from your smartphone.


announcement image

RTA announces service timings during Ramadan

The Roads and Transport Authority has announced the timings set for offering its different services during Ramadan.


announcement image

RTA's Umm Al Ramool Service Center Extends Daily Working Time

Underlying RTA's endeavours to boost its strategic objectives in favour of raising customers satisfaction, RTA is pleased to inform its valued customers that RTA's Umm Al Ramool Service Center has extended its daily working hours by two hours more as from 7:30 am till 4:30 pm.


announcement image

RTA Customer Service Centres

Starting from the 1st of June 2014, the RTA has reduced the number of RTA Customer Service Centers. This is because using an RTA centre is the most inconvenient and expensive service channel for clients to use. There is a limited number of RTA customer service centers that provide driver license renewal service.


announcement image

RTA Trusted Agents

RTA has more that 120 Trusted Agents within UAE to provide driver license renewal.


announcement image

No Cash Payments for Vehicle Registration Renewals

From 8 June 2014 the RTA has expanded its policy where it will not accept cash payments from companies, for vehicle registration renewal, if the company has more than 250 vehicles.


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