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General Policies

The general policies to manage the qualification and evaluation of a vendor/supplier are as follows:

  • The e-qualification system is considered the only approved channel for receiving and processing qualification requests from vendors.
  • Qualification is applicable for any legal business formation in the UAE, including single business, consortium or joint venture.
  • Vendors have the right to apply for qualification for only three scopes at the same time and any additional qualification request for another scope cannot be applicable, unless one of the three applications is closed.
  • All scopes that may be subject of a qualification application in the electronic system will be defined in coordination with the concerned departments The list of scopes is reviewed annually as per the needs of the concerned departments from vendors. The concerned department may request to add a new scope in the electronic system or suspend a current one, when required.
  • Vendors/suppliers' qualification and performance evaluation processes are conducted as per the approved policies posted on RTA website, determining the role and responsibility of each party within approved time frames set in the Service Level Agreement.
  • Vendors will be subject to the qualification process if they intended to sign supply contracts exceeding one million Dirhams annually or if the expected value of the supply contract was five hundred thousand Dirham and above.

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