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Dubai features a modern highly advanced infrastructure that provides high level of access within Dubai and to other parts of the region (other emirates). Sophisticated and integrated transit networks enable you to enjoy moving easily and safely.

How to obtain a driving license?

If you are a UAE resident and want to drive a car in Dubai, you can apply for a driving license according to the terms & conditions for obtaining a driving license. However, if you have a driving license issued by your country, it is applicable for some countries to transfer the driving license with a UAE driving license, in accordance with UAE approved terms & conditions of the driving license transfer.





Steps to obtain driving license driving license!

If you are on a visit to UAE and holding a valid international driving license, accordingly you can rent a car or drive a car registered to your name or one of your 1st degree relatives. For more information, please visit UAE automobile and touring club website.


General requirements for obtaining a driving license?

As a resident in Dubai an applicant can apply for a driving license, provided he/she meets the following requirements:


  • Should be Seventeen years and six months age or above.
  • Should be medically fit and should join the training & qualification program offered by one of the driving institutes that are approved by the Roads and Transport Authority.
  • Pass both required tests (the theoretical and practical test).
  • Those who are interested in obtaining a commercial driving Permit, should be subject to Driver's Medical Test.

Note: Only applicants who are completely 18 years old or above, shall be issued driving license.

Driving training requirements for special-needs applicants

  • Applicants whether with mental or physical disability, must open a training file according to the recommendations of the pertinent medical report.
  • Based on the disability type mentioned within the medical report a number of training sessions must be set by the driving institute in coordination with the Drivers Affairs Dep't.


You must meet follow the complete process, to obtaining a driving license, which includes but not limited to:

  • Attending the training program in one of RTA approved training institutes.
  • Passing the required tests.
  • Paying the fees in order to get a driving license issued.


Fitness and Optical test 

You should successfully pass both tests (fitness and optical) from the approved concerned bodies. Hence, a medical report, to be rendered by a concerned doctor, is a prerequisite; be it by an approved doctor or a medical body authorized by RTA. The report should state your physical, optical and mental health, to insure your ability to drive safely on public roads. Vision enhancement devices such as contact lenses and glasses or any other related approved devices are permissible "if applicable".
Optical test should be conducted by one of the authorized optical centers, who shall send the test results electronically to the concerned bodies and institutes.
If you seek to obtain a commercial driving permit, you must clear a specialized medical test as per Federal Law.

Theoretical Test / Knowledge Test

You must pass the theoretical test, which is required to examine your knowledge and understanding about traffic laws and driving risk perception as well as awareness of safety procedures. 

  • An electronic system linking all driving institutes is provided by RTA to standardize the theoretical test.
  • For your convenience, the theoretical test is available in many language.
  • In case of non-common languages, RTA will provide the prescribed solution after assessing the case.
  • Passing the theory test is a mandatory step before the final On-Road test.

Yard Test

You must pass the yard test in order to obtain a driving license. This test should be cleared prior to the practical test on the road which is supervised by the RTA.

Assessment test

This test is designed to assess your competency and readiness, for the final On-Road test. The assessment test is a replica of the final test and is conducted after you pass stage 4 of the practical training.

On Road Driving test

After passing the theoretical test, you will be assessed practically in accordance with the testing plan set and approved by the Licensing Agency.

In case you fail the practical test, you will have to undergo additional training sessions, according to the approved policy of the Licensing agency.

Driving Institutes

Service providers including driving institutes and technical testing centers, annually undergo an assessment and classification process, entitled “Partners Performance Management System” aims at leveraging the caliber of these service providers and fostering competitiveness among them in support RTA’s strategic vision (Customers First).

“Partners Performance Management System” is carried out relying on a number of key elements such as, the scale of professional improvements, working environment, support and services rendered to customers, in addition to measuring the Performance Indicators.

Following is a List of driving institutes.

Notice:  branches can provide all services related to training, registration and testing while Registration offices can provide only registration services.

Training Timings:

*Official Holidays refers to Private Sectors Only.

Trusted Agents

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has over 140 shops of  trusted agents in the Emirate of Dubai that provide the service of renewing driving licenses and uploading the results of the vision test, which is a necessary requirement for renewing the license. Fees are paid either in cash or by credit card.

The list below shows the accredited companies and includes trusted agents who are authorized to renew driving licenses.

Vehicle Mortgage

RTA’s Licensing Agency has recently launched the 'Online Vehicle Mortgage Addition' service; the second phase of 'Vehicles Mortgage Addition/Redemption' scheme. The first phase of the scheme, which relates to 'Online Vehicles Mortgage Redemption,' was launched back in 2013.

RTA constantly seeks to adopt the world's best practices to improve services on offer to individual & corporate customers. Migration to e-services is therefore considered part & parcel of RTA's current plan for raising customers’ satisfaction through offering improved and efficient online services in collaboration with mortgagors, banks and car dealers.


Agreement Form

To download the Agreement for Add & Remove Mortgage Services, please click the below link
Agreement Form


Required Documents


click below link to download the list of required documents to proceed with the agreement
Required Documents

Plate numbers dealers


As part of RTA efforts to develop its services and facilitate its transactions for customers whose interested in having special numbers, and to ensure the access to the RTA’s credited dealers of plate numbers,
We list the names specialized in dealing with plate numbers:



For further enquiries please contact the RTA Call Center on 800 9090.


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