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Home/ Public Transport / nol / Apply for Personalized card
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  • Apply for a personalized nol card (blue card), which has the same features of Silver/Gold Cards and comes with different categories and concessions (Adult, Senior Citizen, people of determination and Students).
  • All holders of the Personal nol card (Students, Senior Citizens, Adults, People of Determination) can apply for a renewal or replacement request through the following link: link
  • Silver/Gold Anonymous cards can be personalized without any Specific category or concession
  • Individual customers are eligible to benefit from this service.


Unaccompanied Minors Policy:

  • Below 8 years: It is recommended to use public transportation accompanied with adults.
  • Between 8 to 11 years: a permit to be issued by their parents except for inter-city busses.
  • From 12 years and above: It is permitted to travel on public transportation without the company of adults.
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Home/ Public Transport / nol / Apply for Personalized card

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