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About Dubai Bus

The Public Transport Agency provides public bus services with a large fleet of 1,518 buses. PTA operates an extended bus network of 119 internal lines, including 35 lines linking to metro stations, 12 intercity lines to transport passengers to other emirates, 62 internal lines and 8 fast lines. The network covers 82% of the urban areas in Dubai, and transports about 369,248 passengers per day.


Facilities include facilities for public transport services, 17 fully equipped stations for buses and 2185 bus stands, including 554 air-conditioned waiting areas for passengers, and most bus stops include all information regarding bus timings and schedule dates.

Limousine taxi

Air conditioned

Working on all buses at all times

Limousine taxi

Cafeteria & vending machines

Available and installed in all main bus stops

Limousine taxi

E-Card Machines

Tag in and out, with convenience

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Facilities for people of determination

Space for wheelchairs and more

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Information screens

Multiple Screens hosting bus stops information and general notifications

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NOL top up machines

Present on all main bus stops

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Parking for taxis and bicycles

Parking spot for taxis and cycle stands for Bicycles on the main stations

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Separate women compartment

Dedicated section for women, children and families

Plan your Journey

Your travel currency

Your public transport currency. One card for all public transport means that makes it easy and convenient to get out and about in Dubai.

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Maps and information

Download Dubai Bus maps and information

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Convenience for the commuters has always been a prime focus of the Dubai bus service, and in that regard, below are the accessibility services that are available for the bus users:

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Informative Displays

Information displayed on screens at all Bus stops.

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Platform Alerts

Platform alerts such as audible beeps when doors open and close and corresponding flashing light signals.

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Tactile Guidance Path

Contrasting tactile guidance path for those with difficulty in seeing

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Wheelchair Access

Dedicated spaces for wheelchair users on all buses.

Rules & etiquette

  • While waiting at the bus stop, stay out of the bus stopping area. Please signal the bus to stop.
  • Stay away from the bus doors till the driver opens them to allow you to board.
  • Board the bus through the front door and alight from the rear. Ladies and children may alight from the front door.
  • Do not engage in conversation or arguments with the bus driver.
  • Do not play or operate any musical instrument or sound reproducing equipment to the annoyance of  other passengers or the bus driver.
  • Do not beg or solicit any favours while on the bus.
  • If you wish to alight at an authorized bus stop, press the stop bells.
  • Do not attempt to leave the bus until the bus comes to a complete halt.
  • Bulky luggage, hazardous/obnoxious materials and animals are not allowed inside the bus.
  • Do not place your luggage in the gangway.
AED 200
  • Using public transport modes, facilities and services or entering / existing fare zones without paying the due fare.
  • Failure to present a nol card upon request.
  • Using a card designated for others
  • Using an expired card.
  • Using an invalid card.
  • Selling nol cards without prior permit from the RTA
AED 500
  • Using a fake card.
AED 200
  • Selling or promoting, in any way goods and commodities inside public transports and public transport facilities
  • Failure to comply with the instruction of the inspector or authorized personnel of the authority or obstructing the performance of their duties.
  • Using public transports, public transport facilities and services, contrary to the authority's instructions posted on signboards.
AED 100
  • Entry into restricted areas inside public transports, public transport facilities and services in violation of posted warning signs and boards
  • Accessing or sitting in areas designated for specific categories
300 per day up to 100
  • Parking vehicles in areas designated for public transport users for a period exceeding the permitted period
AED 1000
  • Damaging, vandalizing or destroying equipment’s on public transports, public transport facilities and services.
AED 200
  • Causing a disturbance or inconvenience in any way to users of public transports, public transport facilities and services.
  • Misusing lifts or escalators.
AED 100
  • Standing or sitting in non-passenger areas inside public transports, public transport facilities and services.
  • Putting feet on seats
AED 200
  • Spitting, littering, or performing any act that would compromise the cleanness of public transports, public transport facilities and services.
  • Smoking inside public transports, public transport facilities and services.
AED 100
  • Eating and Drinking in the areas where eating and drinking are not allowed
AED 1000
  • Carrying hazardous items, including weapons, sharp tools or inflammable materials inside public transports, public transport facilities and services.
AED 500
  • Carrying Alcoholic beverages inside public transports, public transport facilities and services.
AED 100
  • Boarding the public transports, public transport facilities and services by climbing or jumping. Opening the doors or attempting to access or leave public transport while it is moving between stations and stops Bringing animals into public transports, public transport facilities and services, except guide dogs for blind people Carrying or using materials or equipment that may cause inconvenience to users of public transports, public transport facilities and services or endangering their safety
AED 2000
  • Using any security or safety device or tool, including emergency exits where it is not necessary
AED 300
  • Sleeping in passenger shelters or any place where sleeping is prohibited
AED 200
  • Causing any distraction or obstruction to driver of public transport facilities or Services while he is driving
Unaccompanied Minors Policy:
  • Below 8 years: It is recommended to use public transportation accompanied with adults.
  • Between 8 to 11 years: a permit to be issued by their parents except for inter-city busses.
  • From 12 years and above: It is permitted to travel on public transportation without the company of adults.

Our buses


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Number of buses 935

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RTA strives to make you happy. It aims to support Dubai’s transformation into a smart city and foster its strategic goals. To achieve that, RTA provides a fast and easy access to its services via smart applications designed to meet your needs.

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