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7 Zones to Travel Across

With your nol card you can travel on Dubai's Metro, Buses and Water Buses which have stations located at different zones. Depending on the number of zones you travel, the fare will be calculated and automatically deducted from your e-purse. During your journey you can make transfers across Bus and Metro.

Zone Fares

Dubai Metro Map

Dubai map is divided into 7 zones. Each zone contains Metro stations, Bus stations, Tram stations, and Water bus stations. Your journey can be made using different modes of transport which are located in different zones. At the end of your journey, you will be charged according the total number of zones you have passed. Enabling complete end-to-end journeys, transfers across different modes of transport have been made possible, however travelling between two different modes of transport must be done within 30 minutes. You can travel on metro then take a bus to reach your final destination. After you check-out from the metro station, you will have 30 minutes to check-in on a bus. Having done this on time, your metro and bus trips will be charged as a single journey (you will be charged based on the total number of zones passed in the 2 trips combined).

Transfer Rules
  Short Trip (up to 3km)
Within 1 zone 2 adjacent zones
more than 2 zones
Max Journey Duration 90 min 180 min 180 min 180 min
Max Transfer Allowed 1 3 3 3


Other Fares

Your nol Card can also be used to travel on water bus and to pay for RTA's paid parking zones.

RTA Water Bus

You can use your nol card or nol ticket to ride the water bus, with the fixed fare of AED 2 for one way trip. You can buy the nol red ticket from any marine ticket office located at water bus stations and top it up with up to 10 trips, which can be used at any water bus in dubai. If you have a nol silver, gold, or blue Card, you can ride the water bus by adding value to your e-purse and simply using your card, which will deduct the fare automatically. Please note transfers are not applicable from/to water bus, and the maximum duration of the trip shall not exceed 3 hours. For more information on marine services, Click here.

RTA Parking

If you have a nol silver, gold, or blue card, you can pay for parking using your card by adding value to your e-purse and simply tapping your card at any RTA parking meter.

Traveling with nol red ticket

nol red ticket enables you to make single trips and pay only for the exact trip you travel. Prices depend on the number of zones you transfer through.

nol Red Tickets Fares
Type Nol Red Ticket (Regular)
Nol Red Ticket (Gold)
Within 1 Zone 4 8
2 Adjacent Zones 6 12
More than 2 Zones 8.50 17.00

Compare Fares

Compare Cards by Fares
Type Silver Card
Gold Card
Personal Card
Red Ticket
Fares (in AED)
Within 1 Zone 3 6 3 4
2 Adjacent Zones 5 10 5 6
More than 2 Zones 7.5 15 7.5 8.5
Student, Social Affairs & Senior Citizen N/A N/A 50% N/A
People of determination N/A N/A Free N/A
Children Free Free Free Free
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