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Salama Magazine

“Salama” is an application which transforms Salama Magazine, a magazine for spreading awareness and culture, into an electronic magazine. It is a smart app designed to meet the needs of children ages 4 to 14 as well as providing content which enhances their awareness levels regarding matters related to public and traffic safety through stories and games full of entertainment and adventures to provide a safe life for children in addition to a happier and more sustainable environment.

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App Features

Digital Salama Magazine: 

Presenting the different issues of the magazine in an attractive and engaging way by displaying them in a bookcase in addition to a new interactive program for reading and browsing magazines to provide an enjoyable reading experience for children. 

Stories and Tales: 

Several stories and tales, such as the stories of “Grandmother Oucha,” which provide stories and lessons to the kids in addition to a new electronic gateway which allows children to compose and draw stories from their imagination, and these stories would be published on the application after being reviewed and approved.  

Children Games: 

A variety of games for children which include “puzzle”, “colouring”, “compose words”, and “5 differences.” 

Animated Audio Book: 

Transforming simple magazine pages into an audio story with animated pictures in both English and Arabic. This feature allows providing the targeted content to children, especially people of determination.  

Augmented Reality Technology:  

Through this technology, the child can link between the smart application and the traffic elements drawn on books or found on the roads by running the application then directing the camera to the information signs or traffic code. After that, a cartoon character shows up to provide awareness tips related to traffic safety.  

Content Management System for Publishers: 

Adding a system to manage the magazine’s content as well as adding stories, magazines and games in addition to regularly and easily reviewing the content related to the magazine without needing to refer to the developer.  

Awareness Movies: 

A variety of awareness movies and videos which include awareness messages for children, and each of them deal with a specific traffic topic in a simple and engaging manner.  

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