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Apply for a Personal nol Card

This service enables you to apply for a personal nol card (blue card), which has the same features of Silver/Gold Cards and comes with different categories and concessions (Adult, Senior Citizen, people of determination and Students). Silver/Gold Anonymous cards can be registered yet without any Specific category or concession.

Apply Now
Apply Now
All customers above 5 years old are eligible to apply for this service.
Required documents


  • Both sides copy of the Emirates ID
  • Personal photograph with a white background (for personal cards only)

People of determination:

  • Personal Photo
  • Both sides copy of the Emirates ID
  • Sanad Card

Students (From 6 to 23 years old)

  • Valid Copy of Emirates ID
  • School Letter
  • Personal Photo

Senior Citizen (Customer above the age of 60)

  • Personal Photo
  • Both sides copy of the Emirates ID

Social Affairs

  • Valid Copy of Emirates ID
  • A valid letter from the Community Development Authority stating that the customer is entitled to Social Security
Service fees
  • 70 AED for Personal (blue) silver nol card; including an e-wallet value of 20 AED and 50 AED application fees
  • 80 AED for Personal (blue) gold nol; including an e-wallet value of 20 AED, 50 AED application fees and 10 AED for card design
  • 30 AED for Service fees for Silver/Gold Anonymous card registration
  • 100 AED for Personal (blue) nol special design card. Including:
    • 50 AED for the personal card
    • 30 AED for the special design
    • 20 AED as e-wallet value
  • Students (age 6 to 23), social affairs and senior citizen aged 60 years and above (of all nationalities) benefit from a 50% discount on public transport fares when using the metro, bus and Dubai Tram.
  • People of determination benefit from 100% discount on (Metro, Tram and Buses).
  • Children below 6 years of age benefit from 100% discount on (Metro, Tram and Buses).
Process time
  • 4 working days.
Mobile Application
Service Centres
  • Zoom shops at metro stations for the regular category (adults)

Through online channels

  • The customer fills in the application form of the service on the website or the mobile application (type of the card, category, personal information, ID information, contact information and address).
  • The customer uploads the scanned required documents.
  • The customer settles the fees by credit card or debit card.
  • The customer receives an SMS including the number of the card and delivery courier number of the courier company.
  • The customer receives the card and the PIN code that enables him/her to update the card's file through the website or the mobile application.

Through Zoom shops in metro stations (for Adults only) nol express service

  • The customer heads to Zoom shop at the metro station.
  • The customer presents the ID to the employee.
  • The customer pays the fees in cash.
  • The customer receives the card.
Average waiting time
  • 5 minutes.

5 years.

What you will get
  • nol personal card (blue card)
  • Silver/Gold registered nol card
  • Personal nol card with special design (if requested)
Terms and conditions
  • Student card: The student’s age must be between 6 and 23 years.
  • Senior card: The customer’s age must be 60 years and above.
  • The customer must have the PIN code of the card for personal and registered cards.
  • In case of any delay in receiving the card, the customer can contact RTA call centre on the following number 8009090.
  • The customer can also follow up on the process through the website or the mobile application.
  • In case of applying for this service online, the attachments must be in png or jpeg format and their size must be less than 2 MB.
  • Only adults are eligible to apply in Zoom shops through nol express service.
  • Question 1: Can the customer use the personal nol card of another person?

Answer 1: No, the nol card must be used by the card owner.

  • Question 2: How can the customer cancel a lost card?

Answer 2: The customer can cancel the card through the website. The customer must provide the card number and its PIN code that he received by SMS when receiving the approval.

The customer can also cancel the card through the IVR system by contacting the call centre on 8009090

  • Question 3: What happens after the customer requests disabling a personal silver or gold card?

Answer 3: The card will be added to the blacklist and will be cancelled upon the customer's request.

  • Question 4: What’s the procedure if the customer wants to activate the identified personal (blue) if it is not working?

Answer 4: The customer should be guided to the nearest TOM (Ticket Office Machine) in order to activate the card. If the card is not working, the customer can swipe it at any metro gate to activate it.

  • Question 5: What is the pin code for?

Answer 5: Once the nol Blue Card is issued, you will receive an SMS with your pin code. This pin code is required for activating your card, reporting if your card is lost or stolen and also for registering for online services.

  • Question 6: Who will deliver the nol blue card?

Answer 6: A company registered in RTA deliver the card to the customer.

  • Question 7: Can the customer add more than 1 personal nol card to his online account?

Answer 7: Yes, the customer can visit RTA website to add more than one personalized card to his account.

  • Question 8: What are the features of the identified (blue) personal nol Card?

Answer 8: nol Personal Card is a personalized smart card with an e-purse that can be loaded with up to AED 5,000. It can be used on all modes of transport, retails shops, accessing museums and public gardens, ect.

It has a secure card balance in case of loss or theft, and a variety of secure & personalized online services. Customers receive SMS & email notifications to keep them posted on their daily transactions.

With this new card the people of determination can move freely in Dubai using buses and metro, and students of all nationalities and Senior Emiratis can use public transport at half price.

Home/ RTA Services / Service Details

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