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Refund nol Cards Balance

This service enables you to refund the personal nol card and unused travel pass balance in cash or transfer it to an alternative nol card.

Apply Now
Apply Now
nol card holders with remaining e-Wallet balance or valid Travel Pass are eligible to benefit from this service.
Required documents
  1. nol card Tag ID
  2. nol alternative card (in case of transfer the refund amount to another nol card)
  3. Mobile number
Service fees
  • Cash Refund Collection: 2.5% or AED 5 on the total card balance are deducted
  • Transaction: Refund amount is transferred to the new/alternative nol card with no service fees.
Process time
  • 4 working days to be automatically approved through the system.
  • Website: 15 minutes.
Service Centres
  • Self service machines in all RTA Happiness Centres
  • nol ticket vending offices in metro stations.

If the customer doesn’t want to use the card while it is still valid

  • The customer submits the card at the ticket office.
  • The customer requests refund of the remaining e-Wallet.
  • Refund fees will be deducted (5 AED or 2.5% of the remaining balance).
  • The customer receives the remaining balance in cash.

Damaged Card

  • The customer applies for the Refund in any of RTA’s authorised channels.
  • The customer collects the refund depending on his preferred option (Cash or Transfer).
  • The customer with the Damaged nol card applies for a new personalised card online or purchase a new anonymous card through available channels.

Lost Card

  • The customer applies for the refund request.
  • nol card is blocked when refund is created.
  • If the customer reported the card lost before applying for the refund, he is no longer able to apply for refund, as the card is automatically blocked.
  • The customer receives the refund amount after 4 days.
Average waiting time
  • 15 minutes.
  • Cash refund: 60 days from the date of approval.
What you will get

Refund the remaining balance of the card if conditions were met.

Terms and conditions
  • The customer can provide the number of an alternative nol card to transfer the refunded amount to.
  • The customer can refund the card balance even if it was lost (Tag ID must be provided).
  • Service fees apply depending on the refund option (Cash refund /Transaction refund).
  • Defective cards must be validated in any of the authorised stations to be assessed by the station agents whether it was a faulty or a damaged card.
    • Faulty cards: the customer is given a replacement card of the same type without any cost. However, the customer has to pay AED 19 for the card balance on the new card.
    • Damaged card: The customer receives a new card of the same type and pays AED 25 for the new card + AED 30 for card registration (optional).
  • Cash refund can be collected after receiving the approval notice (SMS) at the smart teller machine located at any RTA Customer Happiness Center or in any of the authorised stations listed in the SMS.
  • The customer must read the terms and conditions on the refund request.
  • Refunding the price of the card is not possible.
  • The customer can select the refund option as cash or transfer to another nol card. If the refund option was cash then there is a service fee of 2.5% of e-Wallet balance or 5 AED.
  • The customer has the right to refund the balance of the expired card within a month from the date of the request, either in cash or by transferring the balance to the new card.
  • Question 1: Can the customer refund the remaining balance in case of a lost card?

Answer 1: : In case of a lost or stolen card, the customer should apply for a refund. His card will be blocked within 48 hours, and the remaining card balance will be refunded.

Home/ RTA Services / Service Details

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