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Top Up nol Cards

This service enables you to top up nol card with an e-Wallet balance up to 1000 AED for anonymous cards and 5000 AED for personalized nol cards.

Apply Now
Apply Now
nol card holders are eligible to apply for this service.
Required documents
  1. nol card (Silver, Gold, personalized Blue card)
Service fees
  • Free of charge on all RTA Channels
  • 1 AED if the customer was topping up the balance through Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank.
Process time
  • In order to activate the top up pending e-Wallet balance, the card holder must tap/insert his nol card on one of the below machines:

    Kiosks and smart teller and ticket vending offices: 3 minutes
    Metro Gates: 48 Hours
    Solar Machines: 20 minutes
    Parking meters: 45 minutes
Mobile Application
Service Centres
  • Ticket vending offices and machines available at all metro and bus stations.
  • Ticket Vending Machine available at all metro and bus stations.
  • Bus Solar-Powered machine located on selected Bus stops.
  • Smart Teller Device (located on all RTA Customer Happiness Centre).
Authorised Sales Agents
  • Authorised Sales Agents(2000+ shops).
  • Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
  • Emirates NBD.

Through website or mobile application

  • Customer enters the tag id of his nol card (for guest users) or select the tag ID from the drop down menu (for logged in users).
  • The customer is required to settle the top-up fees by credit card or debit card.
  • The customer waits 45 minutes to 4 hours.
  • To activate the online top up, the customer should use the card at any entrance gate at the metro station or can insert the card at any online parking machine for a few seconds and then remove it.

Through Solar-Powered nol Top Up Machine

  • Customer should place the card on the card reader to be updated.

Through TOM offices and banks

  • The customer presents the card.
  • The customer is required to settle the top-up fees and the service fees, if any, by credit card or in cash.
  • The balance is topped up instantly.
Average waiting time
  • 3 minutes

This service has no validity.

What you will get
  • Topping up nol card e-Wallet
Terms and conditions
  • The maximum top up amount is 1,000 AED for the unidentified blue cards and 5,000 AED for registered cards.
  • The minimum card balance is 7.5 AED.
  • Topping up nol card is instant if the customer was using the "smart fare" option through the mobile application.

This service has no FAQs.

Home/ RTA Services / Service Details

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