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Use nol Cards

nol card is a contactless plastic smart card or virtual card, and the only payment method accepted in public transportation in Dubai. It can also be used for payments at retail stores or for any other uses stipulated by RTA.RTA has also collaborated with Nakheel to enable nol usage when traveling through the Palm Monorail service.

All nol card or ticket holders (physical and virtual cards) are eligible to benefit from this service.
Required documents
  1. Anonymous, Registered, Personal or Virtual nol cards, or nol Red Ticket (for Metro, Tram and Bus only).
Service fees
  • No fees apply when using nol cards
  • No fees to check the micropayment locations
  • The Palm Monorail ticket fares vary according to the trip.
Process time
  • Instantly.
Customer Happiness Centres
Public Transport Stations
  • Metro
  • The Palm Monorail Stations:
    • Palm Gateway
    • Nakheel Mall
    • The Pointe
    • Atlantis
  • Tram
  • Buses
  • Dubai Ferry
  • Taxi
  • Paid Parking Meters.
Micropayment Locations
Gas Stations
  • Enoc gas stations
  • Epco gas stations
  1. The customer uses the nol card to pay the fare of the requested service.
Average waiting time
  • Instantly.
What you will get
  • Using nol cards for payments
  • Map showing nol card micropayments locations
  • Using nol cards to pay for travelling on Palm Monorail.
Terms and conditions
  • For customers using public transportation, a minimum card balance of 7.50 AED is required.
  • No minimum card balance is required for customers using their cards at the retail shops.
  • nol card is used in museums for access only.
  • nol card is used at Epco and Enoc gas stations for gas filling only.
  • The maximum amount the customer can use from the nol card balance, where the card is accepted, is 200 AED per day.
  • The virtual nol card is available through nol Pay, only on compatible Huawei phones and through the wallet of Huawei watch 3 and 3 Pro.
  • The customer can purchase and manage his virtual nol card on compatible Huawei phones and through the wallet of Huawei watch 3 and 3 Pro only.
  • nol Pay Application is available on smart mobile phones with NFC feature (Android and IOS).
  • Physical nol card holders can benefit from some nol services on their physical nol cards through nol Pay application.
  • Passengers can use the valid ticket for an unlimited number of bus trips within its validity period of 3 hours.
  • nol Red Ticket can only be used on the Bus, Tram and Metro.
  • The customer can check the micropayment locations on both RTA website and nol pay app.
  • Question 1: What are the features of nol cards?

Answer 1: The features of nol cards are:

    • Easy to get
    • Easy to use and top up
    • Can be used for Dubai Metro, public Bus, Dubai Water Bus and RTA paid parking.
    • Automatically calculates the cost of the trip and deducts it from the customer’s balance.
    • Low fare and easy transport through the different means of transportation.

  • Question 2: Where and how to use nol cards?

Answer 2:

  • Public Transport Usage:
    • Metro: nol cards should be tapped on the card reader at the Metro gates before going in and out of the station.
    • Tram: nol cards should be tapped on the card reader machine prior to boarding and after getting-off the train.
    • Bus: nol cards must be tapped on the bus validator before boarding and alighting the Bus.
    • Parking: nol cards must be inserted in RTA parking meter machines to pay and get a ticket. Virtual nol cards cannot be used on parking meter machines.
  • Non-Transport Usage:
    • Museums: nol card must be tapped on the card reader machine located at the entrance gates.
    • Micro-Payment: nol cards can be used as a payment method at the authorised sales agents by tapping the card on the card reader.

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