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Apply for a Broad Public Parking Permit for a Governmental Entity

This service enables you to obtain a permit to use public parking spaces for governmental entities and their agents who perform emergency or official duties.

Only governmental entities situated in the controlled parking areas are eligible to apply for this service.
Required documents
  1. Official letter from the governmental entity addressed to the Parking Department stating its number of employees, working hours and nature of work as well as the reason to request the permits and their number.
Service fees
  • This service is free.
Process time
  • 5 minutes.
Customer Happiness Centres
  1. The customer submits the required documents at the centre.
  2. If approved, the customer receives a call within 2 working days, then receives the permit through e-mail.
  3. If rejected, the customer receives a rejection notification with the reason through SMS.
Average waiting time
  • 5 minutes.

One year renewable based on the same conditions and procedures unless the concerned department judges best for the public interest to cancel the permits.

What you will get

Broad public parking permit for a governmental entity

Terms and conditions
  • The number of issued permits should not exceed 20% of the employees of the governmental entity requesting them, taking into consideration the job nature of the entity’s employees and the reason of the permit request.
  • The approval or rejection of the application and the number of the permits issued, in case of approval, for the applying governmental entity is considered final.
  • The permit is valid to be used only during the working hours of the governmental entity.
  • The permit is not valid for reserved parking spaces.

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