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Installing Safety Equipment for Heavy Vehicles

This service enables all Dubai registered heavy vehicles to be equipped with telematics devices allowing the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and fleet operators to detect faults in the vehicles and monitor the driver's behaviour.


All commercial heavy vehicles that are registered in the Emirate of Dubai are eligible to apply for this service. The below vehicles are excluded from this service: Heavy vehicles belonging to governmental entities (Civil Defence, Ambulance Services, Dubai Police) Vehicles registered under Dubai Police Secure Path Programme and Dubai Municipality RASID Programme Trailers Light vehicles Commercial vehicles owned by individuals Motorcycles Buses (heavy, light) Mechanical equipment (heavy, light) Vehicles from other Emirates Internationally registered vehicles.

Required documents

  1. Valid company trade license issued by DED or any Dubai free-zone authority
  2. Valid vehicle registration issued by RTA
  3. Valid driver practice permit issued by RTA.


  • Device with card reader and first time installation and activation
  • One year of communication, system access and support
  • Issuance and activation of driver identification tag ID
  • Roaming service for one Telematics device (Optional).

Service fees

  • 1,000 AED/ Device with card reader and first time installation and activation
  • 500 AED/year for communication, system access and support
  • 120 AED/driver for the issuance and activation of the driver's identification tag ID
  • 600 AED/year for adding the roaming service per Telematics device (optional)
  • +20 AED / transaction, Knowledge and Innovation Fees

Note: Additional fees will be charged in case the telematics device, the driver identification tag ID and/or the reader is lost or damaged.


The service validity is for one year from the date of payment

Average processing time

  • The expected average waiting time for registration process is 15 minutes
  • For device installation the maximum expected average installation time is 60 minutes per vehicle

Ways to apply


  • Companies (Fleet Operators) must settle the fees of the VSS Service as part of the vehicle renewal process
  • For the first installation, the company registers through the VSS Call Center (600560005) or RTA portal (logged in admin users)
  • For registered company, the company receives an alert notification from the Telematics Operator, requesting for the company the driver details and the schedule of an appointment
  • After completing the registration, the company receives access to the Telematics Operator system. The company can identify the vehicles for installation, provide associated driver details and select an appointment time slot for installation as per availability
  • Companies can request for an installation in their premises if they have a dedicated space on site
  • The company receives a reminder 48 hours prior to the appointment. It has to make the vehicle available for installation at the requested date, time and location. Upon installation, the company will be able to monitor the vehicle in the Telematics Operator system and get access to different reports and services.

Terms and conditions

Mandatory Subscription:

  • Any Dubai registered , commercial, non-Government, heavy vehicle
  • All ages of vehicle fleet starting with vehicles greater than 15 years starting 01st September, 2018

Other Terms and Conditions:

  • Vehicles with existing telematics devices (other than VSS device) that are eligible for this service will be required to install the VSS device
  • The telematics device, driver identification tag id and reader come with a 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • Should the telematics device, driver identification tag id and reader be lost or damaged, additional replacement charges apply


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Home/ RTA Services / Service Details

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