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Vehicle Online Selling Agreement

This service enables you to perform an online selling agreement in Dubai.

Individuals and companies that sell and manufacture vehicles are eligible to apply for this service.
Required documents


  1. Original Emirates ID of both parties (buyer and seller)
  2. GCC visitors: Valid passport
  3. Visitors: Copy of the passport + valid visa
  4. Vehicle ownership in case of a registered vehicle, vehicle transfer certificate, export certificate, or customs certificate.


  1. Endorsement of signatures or a notarised power of attorney in the name of the dealership authorising the sale of the vehicle
  2. Vehicle electronic insurance in the name of the company in case of registration.
Service fees
  • 20 AED to be paid by the dealerships to RTA through e-wallet account or credit card.
Process time
  • 5 minutes.
RTA Authorised Showrooms
  • Showrooms accredited by RTA
  1. The customer heads to one of the showrooms authorised by RTA.
  2. The customer presents the required documents.
  3. The customer pays the required fees.
  4. The agreement is issued and the customer prints it from RTA website.
Average waiting time

14 days.

What you will get

Online selling agreement.

Terms and conditions
  • The vehicle owner or his legal representative must be present, with the power of attorney stipulating the “sale and disposal of vehicles”.
  • The customer must perform any licensing transaction within 14 days to prevent any penalties and fines.
  • The customer must pay all traffic fines (Dubai and other emirates fines) before receiving this service.
  • If the vehicle was mortgaged, the customer must apply online and release the mortgage before receiving this service.
  • Question 1: What is electronic selling agreement?

Answer 1: An electronic selling agreement is a contract between the seller and the buyer signed in the presence of both parties in the authorised showrooms. It is an alternative for the traditional selling agreement.

  • Question 2: What will happen to the traditional selling agreement?

Answer 2: It will be cancelled totally and will not be accepted in the service centres.

  • Question 3: What are the characteristics of the electronic selling agreement?

Answer 3:

    • It guarantees the rights of the seller and the buyer.
    • It protects the seller from transferring the ownership of the vehicle or his plate without his knowledge since the transaction requires the presence of both parties when performing the transaction. It also requires verifying their Emirates IDs through the card reader.
    • The seller has no right to use the vehicle after signing the electronic selling agreement.
    • It activates the role of using the Emirates ID as one of the most important identification documents in the UAE.
    • Keeping records of the transfer history of the vehicle or plate ownership, especially when querying about the previous transfer transactions of the vehicle or the plate.
    • It gives access to records and statistics performed in the showrooms, which wasn't possible with paper agreements.
    • Automatic cancellation of the selling agreement in case it was expired before the buyer completed the selling transaction.
    • Registering the traffic fines (Dubai or other emirates' fines) under the buyer's name from the day he signs the electronic agreement.
  • Question 4: Is there a smart card reader provided to showrooms?

Answer 4: Yes, all authorised showrooms are provided with a smart card reader.

  • Question 5: Are the showrooms trained on how to use the system?

Answer 5: Yes, a workshop was held in the showrooms after signing the agreement.

  • Question 6: What is the geographic scope of the electronic selling agreement?

Answer 6: It can be used in Dubai only.

  • Question 7: Can online selling agreements be done between individuals?

Answer 7: Yes, it can be done between individuals.

  • Question 8: Can the selling agreements be done between the showroom and individuals and the opposite?

Answer 8: Yes, it can be done between showrooms and individuals and the opposite.

  • Question 9: Can the transaction be done between the showrooms and companies and the opposite?

Answer 9: It can be done between showrooms and companies, only if the vehicle is owned by the showroom.

Home/ RTA Services / Service Details

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