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Transport Using Airport Taxi

This service enables you to commute using exclusive vehicles upon your arrival to Dubai Airport. The service also enables you to choose the type of the desired service (regular taxi, family taxi, taxi for females and taxi for people of determination).


All individual customers are eligible to benefit from this service.

Required documents

This service has no required documents.


Transport using taxi.

Service fees

Opening the counter

From Dubai airports (family taxi)

Regular taxi

25 AED

20 AED

Fees (AED/km)

Regular taxi

1.86 AED

Female taxi and family taxi

1.96 AED

Waiting fees

Waiting fees start when the vehicle stops

For every minute

50 Fils


From the time of requesting the service until the end of the journey.

Average processing time

  • Airport exits: instantly.

Ways to apply


Through airport exits:

  • The customer heads to the location where vehicles are parked in front of the exit door
  • The customer takes the taxi.

Terms and conditions

  • The customer is not allowed to eat or drink in the vehicle
  • The customer is not allowed to smoke in the vehicle
  • The customer is not allowed to have a pet inside the vehicle
  • The customer is responsible for his personal belongings. The service provider is not responsible for the loss/damage of personal belongings.


  • Question 1: What is the process if the Airport Taxi wants to pick up Airport Staff members who have a permit with them. Is it possible to start the counter at 5 AED rather than 25 AED?

Answer 1: Yes, airport staff members can take the Airport Taxi on the condition of showing their ID to the driver and being in their uniform. The counter starts at 5 AED if staff members are taking the taxi alone. If they’re taking the taxi with friends, the counter starts at 25 AED.

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Home/ RTA Services / Service Details

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