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Transport Using Buses Inside the Emirate

This service enables you to use buses provided by the Public Transport Agency through a fleet covering a network that has many internal routes inside Dubai, and that is periodically updated to serve all metro stations and urban regions in the Emirate. These buses are equipped with many facilities to meet the needs of the customers and to make their commute secure and easy.

Apply Now
Apply Now
All individual customers are eligible to benefit from this service.
Required documents
  1. nol card or bus ticket.
Service fees
  • The service fees vary according to the fare zones in Dubai.
Process time
  • Instantly.
Ticket Vending Machines
  • Ticket Vending Offices at the bus stations
  • Ticket Vending Machines at the bus stops
  1. The customer buys the bus ticket or nol card if he doesn't have one.
  2. The customer checks the scheduled trips in the station on the website or S'Hail app or sends an SMS to 5223.
  3. The customer arrives to the station before the trip time.
  4. The customer follows the signages in the bus station to board the bus, or waits in the waiting area and views the bus schedule notifications on the screens.
  5. The customer taps the ticket or nol card (physical or virtual) on the machine upon boarding the bus.
Average waiting time
  • Varies according to bus lines and the week days.

This service has no validity.

What you will get

Transport using buses inside the emirate.

Terms and conditions
  • The customer must have a minimum balance of 7.5 AED in the nol card.
  • The customer must abide by the general rules and regulations.
  • The customer can check trip times through RTA Website or by contacting S'hail call centre on 600500605. He can also send an SMS to 5223 with the bus stop number to get the latest updates on the departure trips at the designated bus stop.
  • Unaccompanied minor policy:
    • Below 8: not recommended to use public transport unless accompanied by adults.
    • Between 8-11: the permit must be issued by one of the parents to allow the child to travel alone.
    • 12 and above: allowed to use public transport without being accompanied by adults.
  • Question 1: Can the customer plan his trip?

Answer 1: Yes, the customer can plan his trip by visiting RTA website, or S’hail App.

  • Question 2: What is the procedure if the customer loses his belongings in the bus or finds someone else's belongings?

Answer 2: For more info about the lost and found items, the customer must contact the Transportation Security Police Call Center 908.

If the customer finds missing items, he must hand them over to the driver or the customer service office of the bus station, which in turn delivers them to the "transportation security" findings office at the Rashidiya bus station.

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