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Applying For Mobility Permit For Heavy Construction Vehicles (Cranes)

This service enables you to obtain a permit for the mobility of heavy construction vehicles on the roads during specific timing and specific route. Such permit is given for winches after passing the technical checkup.


Companies that have a trade license issued in Dubai are eligible to apply for this service.

Required documents

  1. Covering letter showing the description of the required works
  2. Copy of company's valid trade license
  3. A recent technical examination certificate issued by the Licenses Department
  4. Vehicle registration
  5. Copy of old premits in case of renewal


Permit to drive heavy construction vehicles (cranes).

Service fees

  • 50 AED for each vehicle per month
  • 10 AED transaction fees.


The validity varies according to the condition and the type of the request.

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Average processing time

  • Centre: 10 minutes.

Ways to apply


Through centre:

  • The customer submits the required documents
  • The customer is required to settle the fees
  • The customer receives the permit.

Terms and conditions

  • The customer must abide by the manuals and the policies of RTA and the Order No. 4 of 2009 related to organising the Right of Way in Dubai
  • The Inspection Department at the Right of Way has the right to issue a warning or a violation ticket against companies that use a part of the road without having a permit.
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Home/ RTA Services / Service Details

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