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Applying For A Landscaping Permit

This service enables you to obtain a permit to add soft landscaping areas on the roads without planting trees.


Individual customers and companies are eligible to apply for this service.

Required documents

  1. Affection plan from Dubai Municipality
  2. Landscaping design
  3. Photographs of the site


Landscaping permit.

Service fees

This service is free.


6 months.

Average processing time

  • 20 minutes.

Ways to apply


Through centre:

  • The customer presents the required documents to the concerned engineer
  • The engineer checks the documents
  • The customer agrees to the conditions
  • The customer receives the permit from the centre.

Terms and conditions

  • The owner of the land or the legal representative must agree on the below conditions:
    • The customer must have the approval of other concerned service authorities
    • The digging must be done manually to protect the service lines
    • The customer must carry out maintenance works to preserve the beauty of the site
    • The customer must remove all plants upon the request of any governmental party, noting that this party is not responsible for replanting the site
    • If the customer does not have a design, he must comply with the design provided by the Roads Landscaping Section
    • The owner is in charge of implementing all the above conditions and other conditions related to the adopted design at his own expense
    • The customer must not place any element that hinders the pedestrian path
  • The customer cannot plant palm trees or any other kind of trees before having the approval of the No Objection Certificates (NOC) Section
  • If the NOC section does not approve the planting of trees, planting will be limited to landscaping, flowers, ground covers , grass and shallow roots shrubs.


  • Question 1: Is the customer allowed to place flower pots?

Answer 1: Yes, as long as these pots do not hinder the pedestrian path and do not affect the traffic safety.

  • Question 2: Is the customer allowed to plant palm trees and other trees in accordance with this permit?

Answer 2: No, the customer is not allowed to plant the above-mentioned trees.

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