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Applying For Certifying As Built Drawings For RTA Spare Ducts And Utility Distribution Cross Sections For RTA Road Projects

This service enables you to certify the as-built drawings for the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) spare ducts within the Right of Way and the utility distribution cross sections of RTA road projects . This service is provided by the NOC Section in the Right of Way Department.


The consultants and contractors of road projects are eligible to apply for this service.

Required documents

  1. Letter addressed to the NOC section at the Right of Way Department including a request to approve the submitted drawings
  2. Key plan clarifying the project work location
  3. General layout plan showing project boundary and scope of work
  4. As-built drawing showing roads layout, exact location of spare ducts with coordinates and length and number of ways
  5. Utility distribution cross-sections showing the typical, existing, and proposed services along with utilities cross-section plan
  6. Comprehensive drawing showing the spare ducts of all service authorities and utility layouts
  7. Soft copy of the drawings in micro station version 7 or 8 format
  8. Approval of other concerned service authorities/providers (if required)

Note: The customer must submit 2 copies of the drawings. The copies must be signed and approved by the contractor and the consultant of the project.


Certification of drawings.

Service fees

This service is free.


This service has no validity.

Average processing time

This service has no average waiting time.

Ways to apply


Through centre:

  • The customer submits the required documents to the customer service
  • The customer checks the status of the request with the concerned parties at the NOC section to incorporate the comments (if any) and act accordingly
  • The customer receives the certified drawings from the section.

Terms and conditions

  • The customer must comply with the rules and regulations related to works within the Right of Way
  • The customer must comply with the conditions mentioned by the concerned service authorities and providers.


This service has no FAQs.

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Home/ RTA Services / Service Details

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