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Apply for Issuing Bonds to Unlock or Release Impounded Vehicles

This service enables you to release the lock or the confiscation of light and heavy vehicles and of trailers locked or impounded in the impound yard of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) at the Lahbab area. The vehicles are impounded for violating the provisions of Order No. 4 of 2009 related to parking these vehicles in an illegal manner within the vicinity of the road or the nearby areas.

All individuals and companies are eligible to apply for this service.
Required documents
  1. Number of the seizure report stuck to the vehicle if it is locked
  2. Number of impound report that is obtained from the concerned parties at the RTA impound yard
  3. A letter addressed to RTA clearly describing the details of the vehicle/trailer, and stating that the individual/company has settled all the service fees and pending fines
  4. Copy of the trade license
  5. Acknowledgment letter form signed and sealed by the individual/company
  6. Undertaking letter form signed and sealed by the individual/company
  7. Copy of the owner/partner’s passport (if the customer is a company) including residence visa page
  8. Copy of the vehicle/trailer ownership certificate
  9. Copy of the work permit of the representative of the owner/company to receive the vehicle/trailer.
Service fees
  • Service fees vary according to the transaction and the condition of the request.
Process time
  • 1 working day.
Customer Happiness Centres
  • Customer Happiness Centre - Umm Ramool (For companies registered in Dubai)
Service Centres
  • RTA HQ – Umm Ramool – Block C - Right of Way Department (ROW) (For companies registered in other Emirates or for individuals).

Through customer happiness centres or RTA HQ

  • The customer presents the required documents
  • The customer is required to settle the fees
  • The customer receives the unlock or unimpoundment deed.
Average waiting time
  • 10 minutes.

2 working days.

What you will get

Unlock deed or unimpoundment deed of the vehicle/trailer (according to the case of each customer).

Terms and conditions
  • The customer must present all the required documents according to the adopted rules.

This service has no FAQs.

Home/ RTA Services / Service Details

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