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Topping Up Using Smart Fare

This service enables you to use the smart fare to top up your NOL card balance through the Near Field Communication (NFC) technique.


NOL card holders are eligible to benefit from this service.

Required documents

  1. NOL card


Topping up the NOL card balance.

Service fees

This service is free.



Average processing time

  • Mobile application: instantly.

Ways to apply


Through mobile application:

  • The customer activates the NFC feature on the mobile and checks where the NFC antenna is located on the Android mobile
  • The customer taps the card on the NFC antenna
  • The customer chooses the desired top-up balance
  • The customer chooses the credit card to pay
  • The customer enters the details of the credit card
  • The balance is topped up.

Terms and conditions

  • The customer must have a valid NOL card
  • The mobile must be an Android device. Its operating system must be 4.4 or more.


This service has no FAQs.

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Home/ RTA Services / Service Details

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