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Smart NOL Service

Smart NOL ( is an NFC (Near Field Communication) based NOL ( service that enables you to use your mobile as a NOL ( card to settle the fees of the public transport. You can use your mobile to check in and check out from the metro stations, bus stations, water buses and metro parking. This service also enables you to check your NOL ( balance and your transactions history.


All individual customers are eligible to apply for this service.

Required documents

  1. All required documents for the e-SIM from the mobile network operator (Du or Etisalat)


New NFC-enabled SIM card for users of NOL ( cards in public transport.

Service fees

The customer must contact the mobile network operator for the total cost of the NFC SIM with smart NOL ( application package.

Note: The Smart NOL ( is pre-loaded with 14 AED as NOL ( e-wallet balance.


This service has no validity.

Average processing time

  • Mobile network operators: instantly.

Ways to apply


Through mobile network operators:

  • The customer visits a mobile network operator office
  • The customer requests the activation of the service on his mobile
  • The customer continues the process with the mobile operator.

Terms and conditions

  • The service is currently available on a limited number of NFC-enabled mobiles and of mobile operators
  • The customer must contact the mobile network operator for more details on mobiles that have the service and NFC-enabled SIM
  • The NFC NOL ( works exactly in the same way as the NOL ( silver card in terms of fee deduction and other features.


  • Question 1: Can I transfer the balance of NOL ( card to my new NFC-enabled SIM?

Answer 1: No.

Answer 2: You can check your balance and top up your Smart NOL through the following channels:

  • At the customer service office in any metro or bus station
  • Online on the following website: (registration required)
  • Topping upusing any partnering bank channel
  • Topping up through mPay via SMS
  • Checking balance and limited past transactions using Du or Etisalat mobile phone user interface.
  • Question 3: What is the maximum limit for the balance?

Answer 3: The customer can top up the balance with a maximum of 1000 AED at anytime .

  • Question 4: What if the phone gets lost or stolen? or what if thereʼs a faulty SIM?

Answer 4: The customer should contact the mobile operator immediately to block the existing SIM and issue a replacement SIM.

Note: There might be a fee for replacing the SIM. The customer should refer to the mobile network operator for details about the fees.

  • Question 5: What kind of information will the customer have on his mobile?

Answer 5: The number of the NOL card, its type, the e-wallet balance and the date of the last transaction.

  • Question 6: Is the customer required to change the SIM card when requesting the NFC service?

Answer 6: The customer must visit the mobile network operators (Du or Etisalat) to change the SIM card.

  • Question 7: When using the NFC service, the fees will be deducted from the mobile balance or from the NOL card balance?

Answer 7: The balance of the NOL card is different than that of Du or Etisalat. When using the NFC service, fee deduction will be from NOL balance stored in the SIM card. The fees will not be deducted from Du or Etisalat account linked to the SIM.

  • Question 8: What is the procedure that the customer should follow if he checks in using Smart NOL but is unable to check out because the phone battery is empty?

Answer 8: If the customer is unable to check out because the phone battery is empty, he must purchase an exit ticket from the metro station.

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