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Apply for Disputing Metro Fines

This service enables you to apply for disputing the fines issued for violating the terms and regulations related to using the metro.

Individual customers who receive a fine while using Dubai Metro are eligible to benefit from this service.
Required documents
  1. Fine number on fine notification
  2. Fine payment receipt (if fine is payed).
Service fees
  • This service is free.
Average processing time
  • Instantly.
Mobile Application
Call Centre
  • 8009090.

Through mobile application

  • The customer opens Public Transport, click Tram Fines, then Fine Appeal
  • The customer fills in the required details, then submit
  • The customer receives an SMS from RTA when appealing the fine.

Through email

  • The customer sends an email including a scanned copy of the Fine Notification, explaining the reason behind appealing the fine
  • The customer receives an SMS from RTA with the case number and expected response date.

Through Call Centre

  • The customer contacts the call centre on 8009090
  • The customer follows the voice instructions
  • The call is transferred to the customer service to complete the required details (personal details and the details of the violation)
  • The customer receives an SMS from RTA with the case number and expected response date.

30 days.

What you will get
  • SMS from RTA when appealing the fine.
Terms and conditions
  • In order to ensure that Dubai Metro is used safely and securely, the violations and fines schedule is applied. Inspectors patrol in tram stations and cabins to make sure customers are properly using the provided service.
  • The customer must appeal the fine within 30 days after receiving the fine.
  • The customer can pay fines on the spot and receive a payment slip from the Inspector, or at the Happiness Centres located in Al Barsha, Al Manara, Al Kifaf and Al Tawar.

Note: For more details, customers can refer to Public Transport App.


This service has no FAQs.

Home/ RTA Services / Service Details

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