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Transport Using Dubai Tram

This service enables you to travel between 11 Tram stations distributed according to activity regions and to the population along the Tram route.Each Tram consists of 7 cabins distributed as follows: Gold class, silver class, a private cabin for women and children, and a special area inside the cabin for People of Determination.

Individual customers of all ages are eligible to use the Tram.
Required documents
Service fees
  • Journey fees.
  • nol card fees (if the customer is purchasing the card for the first time).
Process time
  • Instantly (to purchase the card or top-up the card balance)
Tram Stations
  1. The customer purchases a nol card (if he does not have a card).
  2. If the card balance is not sufficient, the customer tops up the balance (a minimum balance of 7.5 AED) to use the Tram.
  3. The customer taps nol card on the validator before boarding and after alighting the Tram.
Average waiting time
  • 8 minutes.

This service has no validity.

What you will get

Transport using Dubai Tram.

Terms and conditions
  • In order to ensure that Dubai Tram is used safely and securely, the violations and fines schedule is applied (displayed on the signage boards in stations). Inspectors patrol in Tram stations and cabins to make sure customers are properly using the provided service.
  • The Tram is an open system without a gate barrier. To avoid fines, the customer must tap his nol card on the validator before boarding and after alighting the Tram.
  • For more details, the customer can check RTA Website, and RTA Apps (RTA Dubai or S’hail).
  • Working hours might change according to holidays and special events.
  • Unaccompanied minor policy:
    • Below 8: not recommended to use public transport unless accompanied by adults.
    • Between 8-11: the permit must be issued by one of the parents to allow the child to travel alone.
    • 12 and above: allowed to use public transport without being accompanied by adults.

This service has no FAQs.

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