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Apply for Vehicle Technical Inspection

This service enables you to inspect a vehicle in order to register or renew its ownership certificate or transfer its ownership or export it in Dubai.

Individual customers, citizens and residents, and companies are eligible to apply for this service.
Required documents

To register the vehicle

  1. Export certificate
  2. Vehicle Clearance Certificate (VCC)
  3. Possession certificate
  4. Transfer certificate (from another emirate)
  5. A valid specialised inspection certificate.

To renew the vehicle ownership certificate

  1. Vehicle ownership certificate
  2. A valid specialised inspection certificate.

To export or transfer the vehicle

  1. Vehicle ownership certificate
  2. Export certificate
  3. Vehicle Clearance Certificate (VCC)
  4. Possession certificate
  5. Transfer certificate (from another emirate).
Service fees
  • 150 AED inspection of a light vehicle
  • 200 AED inspection of a heavy vehicle
  • 150 AED inspection of a motorcycle
  • 100 AED inspection of a quad bike
  • 150 AED inspection of a light mechanical equipment
  • 200 AED inspection of a heavy mechanical equipment
  • 50 AED re-inspection of a light vehicle
  • 75 AED re-inspection of heavy vehicle
  • 150 AED inspection of trailer and semi-trailer
  • 420 AED technical inspection of classical vehicle
  • 100 AED export technical inspection
  • +20 AED Knowledge and Innovation fees.
Process time

To inspect the vehicle

  • 12 minutes for the light vehicle
  • 25 minutes for the heavy vehicle.

To finish the process of the service

  • 5 minutes.
  • The customer submits the required documents at the centre.
  • The vehicle undergoes the inspection test.
  • The customer settles the fees.
  • The customer confirms his email in the center to receive the certificate electronically.

Note: The customer can book an inspection appointment through the website and Dubai Drive.

Average waiting time
  • 10 minutes.

30 days.

What you will get

Vehicle technical inspection certificate.

Terms and conditions
  • Vehicles with special characteristics such as mobile kitchens or vehicles with modified bodies are transferred to an inspection committee at the Licensing Department.
  • The customer can book an appointment to appeal the result of the inspection test in front of a technical committee.
  • Vehicles linked to a commercial activity must undergo a specialised inspection from the concerned entity to be valid when undergoing the technical inspection.
  • Question 1: What’s the procedure if the customer wants to perform substantial modifications to the vehicle (modification to the engine or body of the car)?

Answer 1:

    • Imported vehicles from local dealers are transferred to the local dealer authorised to execute specific modifications.
    • Pre-equipped vehicles imported from outside the UAE are transferred to the technical committee at the Technical Inspection section.

  • Question 2: what are the required steps to change the colour of a vehicle?

Answer 2:

    • For licensed vehicles: The customer submits the application in person or through Dubai Police smart application to obtain a permit from the General Department of Criminal Investigation.
    • For unlicensed vehicles with customs cards: The customer fills the application after completing the vehicle’s technical inspection in one of the inspection centres, then applies the approved modifications.

  • Question 3: In which centres the municipal inspection is available (foodstuff transport)?

Answer 3: Please check the list of centres below:

Tasjeel ENOC

Wasel Vehicle Testing

Other companies

Note: The customer should submit vehicle design plans when visiting the technical inspection centres.

Home/ RTA Services / Service Details

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