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Amending A Temporary Parking Permit For People With Disabilities

This service enables you to apply for the amendment of a parking permit for people with temporary disabilities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).


Citizens and residents with temporary disabilities are eligible to apply for this service.

Required documents

  1. Emirates ID


Parking permit for people with disabilities - Temporary permit.

Service fees

This service is free.


According to the medical report.

Average processing time

  • Service centres: 5 minutes.

Ways to apply


Through the service centre:

  • The customer submits the required documents at the centre
  • The customer receives the permit within 5 minutes.

Terms and conditions

  • This permit is valid in Dubai only
  • The customer who has the permit must be inside the vehicle when using the parking spot or else a fine will be issued.


This service has no FAQs.

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Home/ RTA Services / Service Details

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