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Apply for a Temporary Parking Permit for People of Determination

This service enables you to apply for a temporary parking permit for people of determination.

Citizens and residents of determination are eligible to apply for this service.
Required documents
  1. Copy of the passport for residents
  2. Emirates ID + copy
  3. Copy of the residence visa for the residents
  4. Proof of Dubai citizenship, or a residence visa from Dubai, or a registered vehicle in Dubai, or a proof that the customer resides in Dubai
  5. Medical report not older than 3 months indicating the customer's medical condition.
Service fees

This service is free.

Average processing time
  • 5 minutes.
Service Centres
Call Centre
  • 8009090 (for more information).

Through service centres

  • The customer presents the required documents at the service centre
  • The customer waits 5 days to receive the approval of the medical committee on the presented medical report
  • The customer receives the permit through the courier company without any extra charges.

According to the medical report.

What you will get

Parking permit for people of determination - Temporary permit.

Terms and conditions
  • The permit must be used in Dubai only
  • The person who has the permit must be inside the vehicle when using the parking spot or else a fine will be issued.
  • Question 1: What are the types of parking permits?

Answer 1: There are 6 types of parking permits:

  1. Permit for people of determination: this permit does not require a medical report if the customer has a special needs card
  2. Permit for people with temporary disabilities
  3. Permit for senior emiratis: this permit does not require a medical report
  4. Permit for people with special medical cases: this permit is specialized for people who periodically visit a hospital. The customer must wait 5 days to receive the approval of the medical committee on the presented medical report. The customer must also have a registered vehicle in Dubai, or a proof of residence or work
  5. Special permits for schools, companies and taxis (people of determination): there is no need for a medical report
  6. Special permit for tourists valid for 3 months: the customer must present the special needs card issued in the country of origin in Arabic and English or must present a medical report

Note: Customers can apply to receive a lost or damaged permit for all types. All permits can be renewed except that of the tourists.

Home/ RTA Services / Service Details

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