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Applying For A New UAE Driving License

This service enables you to apply for issuing a new driving license in Dubai after passing the driving test.


Reference to the UAE Cabinet Decision (30) of 2017 on traffic and traffic safety services, the fees of driving licenses and vehicles are changed. For more information please visit or contact RTA call centre on the following number: 8009090.


Individual customers, citizens and residents are eligible to apply for this service.

Required documents

  1. Emirates ID


New UAE driving license.

Service fees

  • 100 AED for issuing a new driving license if the customer is younger than 21-years-old
  • 300 AED for issuing a new driving license if the customer is older than 21-years-old
  • +20 AED knowledge and innovation fees.


Emirati and GCC nationals UAE citizens
Age above 21 years old 2 years 2 years
Age below 21 years old 1 year 1 year

Average processing time

1 visit to the driving institutes.

Ways to apply


Through the service centres:

  • The customer submits all the documents at the driving institutes or registration offices licensed by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)
  • The driving institute opens a traffic file for the customer
  • The customer undergoes an eye test at one of the authorised optical shops by RTA
  • The customer receives the permit to start the driving lessons
    • In case the customer passes the tests, he receives a license from the driving institute
    • In case the customer fails, he must take 8 new lessons and book another appointment for the final driving test.

Terms and conditions

  • The customer must be present in person
  • The customer must pass the driving test
  • The customer must be medically fit
  • The validity of the medical test is 6 months from the date of issuance
  • The customer must undergo an eye test from one of the optical shops authorised by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA)
  • The customer must not have a traffic file in other emirates
  • The customer must be of at least minimum legal age to apply for a driving permit:
    • Motorcycles: 17 years old
    • Light vehicles: 17 years and 6 months old to open a file; however, the license will be issued when the customer turns 18 years old. The vehicle's weight while empty should not exceed 2.5 tonnes, and the number of passengers should not exceed 14 without the driver for the passengers transportation vehicles. For the goods transport vehicles, cargo must not exceed 2.5 tonnes.
    • Heavy vehicles: 20 years old
    • Light and heavy buses: 21 years old. The passengers number of the bus must not exceed 26 without the driver
    • Tractor or light mechanical machine: 20 years old. The weight of the tractor or mechanical machine while empty must not exceed 7.5 tonnes
  • The customer must have the results of the eye test according to the requested category:
    • For drivers of heavy vehicles and machines: 6/6 for both eyes
    • For drivers of light vehicles and motorcycles:
      • One eye 6/18 -- Second eye 6/18
      • One eye 6/12 -- Second eye 6/24
      • One eye 6/9 -- Second eye 6/36 or 6/60
      • One eye 6/6 -- Second eye blind
    • For drivers of heavy vehicles:
      • One eye 6/6-- Second eye 6/18 or 6/12 or 6/9
      • One eye 6/9 -- Second eye 6/9
    • For drivers of light and heavy buses, tractors and mechanical machines: 6/6 with or without spectacles
    • For colourblind customers:
      • The customer can apply for the license on the condition that he passes the eye test
    • For people of determinatrion, the Licensing Agency issues a certificate to transfer them to the physician. Consequently, the customers head to Rashid Hospital - Link to map locator
  • The following conditions allow issuing a learning permit in case the customer's visa is from another emirate:
    • If the customer wants to issue a learning permit for one of his first degree relatives, then he can use his tenancy agreement
    • If the customer wants to issue a personal learning permit, he must submit his tenancy agreement along with the commercial license of the company he works for in Dubai.


  • Question 1: Is there a procedure to cancel a driving license?

Answer 1: There is no procedure for driving license cancellation. The customer cannot cancel his/her driving license. However, the customer can submit his driving license to Deira main licensing office or to the RTA main customer service by presenting an official letter and a passport copy.

  • Question 2: In case of failing the driving test, can the customer apply for another appointment?

Answer 2: yes, the appointment will be after 3 days.

  • Question 3: Is it possible for the customer to get his driving license after one year from passing the exam?

Answer 3: No, the customer must take another assessment test (internal road test, road test and road signs test).

  • Question 4: If the customer is taking driving classes in Dubai then he changes his visa to another emirate. After passing the road test, which emirate will issue the license now that the visa is not in Dubai anymore?

Answer 4: If the traffic file number is issued in Dubai, then, the license will be issued in Dubai after passing the road test.

  • Question 5: What are the reasons behind not issuing the driving license after finishing the training?

Answer 5:

  • The expiration of the passport : the valid national ID will be adopted
  • The expiration of the residence visa: it must be renewed
  • Changing the residence emirate: transfer the file to the new emirate. In this case, the following documents are required:
    • The original file for the requester
    • An email from the institute.
  • Question 6: What are the conditions if the customer works in a company based in another emirate?

Answer 6: For residents with visa issued in other emirates additional documents are required:

  • The company must have a branch in Dubai and the customer must work in Dubai branch to open a traffic file. To apply, the customer must submit the required documents and a letter from the company stating that he works for the Dubai branch
  • The trade license of the original company.
  • Question 7: How many courses must the customer attend if he wants to change his license from automatic to manual?

Answer 7: The customer must attend 10 training courses if he has a light vehicle automatic license and wants to change it to light vehicle manual license.

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