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Applying For A Road Test If The Driving License Was Withdrawn/Cancelled

This service enables you to apply for a road test appointment for light and heavy vehicles and buses if the customer's driving license was withdrawn or cancelled by Dubai Police for having more than 24 black points.


The customer whose driving license was withdrawn or cancelled by Dubai Police are eligible to apply for this service.

Required documents

  1. Original Emirates ID
  2. Eye test
  3. Copy of the passport + residence visa for residents
  4. No Objection Certificate (NOC) letter from the company if the customer is applying for a light vehicle and does not have a profession listed in the exception list (check table below). NOC for all other vehicle types

Professions that do not require NOC

  1. Free business
  2. Expert
  3. Specialist
  4. Teacher
  5. Consultant
  6. Imam
  7. Treasurer
  8. Storekeeper
  9. Trader
  10. Surgeon
  11. Geologist
  12. Coach
  13. Expert
  14. Speaker
  15. Daiah
  16. Doctor
  17. Auctioneer
  18. Historian
  19. Captain
  20. Broker
  21. Owner or partner of a business/establishment
  22. Pharmacist
  23. Doctor/General practitioner
  24. Pilot
  25. Judge
  26. Legalist
  27. Journalist
  28. Writer
  29. Marriage Official
  30. Teacher
  31. Trainer
  32. Manager
  33. Lawyer
  34. Legal consultant
  35. Tutor
  36. Guide
  37. Lecturer
  38. Engineer
  39. Contractor
  40. Investor
  41. Owner of land or property
  42. Hostess
  43. Nurse
  44. Mufti
  45. Muezzin
  46. Reciter
  47. Businessman
  48. Editor
  49. Producer
  50. Director
  51. Anchor
  52. Program planner
  53. Accountant
  54. Financial analyst/researcher
  55. Economic analyst/researcher
  56. Tour guide
  57. Auditor
  58. Computer programmer
  59. Sports player
  60. Orator
  61. Prosecutor
  62. Commercial agent
  63. Noukhaza
  64. Lawyer
  65. Military personnel


Road test appointment.

Service fees

  • 200 AED Road and Transport Authority (RTA) test fees
  • 20 AED knowledge and innovation fees
  • 20 AED electronic appointment fees
  • 200 AED for opening a training file
  • 3,000 AED rehabilitation fees in case of license withdrawal or cancellation
  • 100 AED for issuing a learning application.



Average processing time

5 minutes.

Ways to apply


  • The customer submits the required documents at the Traffic Department in Deira
  • The customer is required to pay the fees in person
  • The customer chooses an appointment from the availability list and chooses a centre to take the test.

Terms and conditions

  • The customer is required to settle all pending fines.


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