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Renewing A Learning Permit

This service enables you to apply for renewing a driving learning permit in the Emirate of Dubai.


Individual customers, citizens and residents, are eligible to apply for this service.

Required documents

  1. Original Emirates ID
  2. Previous permit


Renewed driving learning permit.

Service fees

  • 100 AED for renewing a driving learning permit for categories (motorcycle, light motor vehicle, light automatic vehicle, light equipment)
  • 200 AED for renewing a driving learning permit for categories (heavy motor vehicle, heavy bus, heavy equipment)
  • +20 AED knowledge and innovation fees.


6 months.

Average processing time

Up to 10 minutes at the driving institutes or their related registration offices.

Ways to apply


Through driving institutes:

  • The customer submits the old learning permit
  • The customer receives the renewed learning permit from the driving institute.

Terms and conditions

  • The Emirates ID of the residents must be valid.
  • As per the federal traffic law, the file will be cancelled if the customer does not apply for an appointment within 6 months. The customer must provide all the required documents once again to apply for the learning permit.


Question: If the customer learning permit expires and he had already passed the parking test, is he required to repeat the parking test or he must renew the learning permit first?

Answer: If the learning permit has expired more than 6 months previously, then the customer should repeat the parking test. But, if the learning permit is renewed within 6 months, then the customer does not have to repeat the parking test.

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