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Applying For To Whom It May Concern Certificate For Taxi Plates Beneficiary

This service enables you to apply for "To Whom it May Concern" certificate to prove the availability or the non-availability of a taxi plate number and to show to whom the monthly profits will be transferred, either one person or more or one or all the heirs.


The beneficiary/beneficiaries/owner who are benefiting from the monthly profits can apply for this service.

Required documents

  1. Emirates ID and copy of the passport of the customer applying for the certificate in case the customer is not the owner of the taxi plate number nor the beneficiary
  2. Certified request letter from the customer applying for the service


To Whom it May Concern certificate for the ownership or non-ownership of taxi plate numbers.

Service fees

This service is free.


30 days from the issuance date.

Ready to apply for this service?

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Average processing time

30 minutes.

Ways to apply


Through email:

  • The customer sends the scanned documents via email to the following address:
  • In case all the requirements are met, the customer receives the certificate by email
  • In case all the requirements are not met, RTA contacts the customer by email.

Through service centres:

  • The customer submits the documents at the service centre
  • The customer receives the certificate from the service centre on the next day.

Terms and conditions

Personal presence of the owner or the heirs or the beneficiaries in case of the owner's death.

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