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Applying For An Electronic Registration Permit For A Franchise Company To Transport Passengers In Luxury Vehicles

This service enables you to apply for an electronic registration permit linked to the company's agreement. The permit allows you to register vehicle on the traffic file with a maximum equivalent to that agreed upon in the agreement.


Reference to the UAE Cabinet Decision (30) of 2017 on traffic and traffic safety services, the fees of driving licenses and vehicles are changed. For more information please visit or contact RTA call centre on the following number: 8009090.


The company can start registering according to the electronic permit instantly after providing the investor's approval and signature.

Required documents

  1. Required documents to complete the transaction of adding a new vehicle on the traffic file (according to requirement of Licensing Department)
  2. Proof of electronic agreement on the system


  • Electronic registration permit
  • Reserved plates for 90 days according to the contract of the company:


Contract Type

Minimum Number of Vehicles

Plate Code

Transporting passengers in luxury vehciles

Luxury vehicles



Normal vehicles


Diverse vehicles


Extended vehicles


Free zone

20 vehicles to work in the emirate


(X) vehicles according to the number agreed on in the contract





Service fees

  • 1,000 AED for each vehicle
  • In the case f agreements with newly licensed companies: the company must settle the fees of the minimum number of vehicles (according to the agreement) when registering the first vehicle on the traffic file.
  • In the case f renewed contracts: the company must settle the fees of approving and signing the agreement through the RMS system.


90 days from the issuing the electronic permit.

Average processing time

5 minutes.

Ways to apply


Through Service centres and Service providers:

The company registers the first vehicle on the traffic file using the same required documents when registering a normal vehicle (requirement of the Department of Licensing).

Terms and conditions

  • The company must register the vehicles within 90 days from receiving the permit
  • The company must provide an official letter to the Department of Planning and Business Development if the registration permit is expired
  • The registered vehicles must be on the approved list of vehicles for this activity
  • The company can register used vehicles upon applying for a "permit to add a used vehicle" through the company's account on RTA website
  • The company cannot register the vehicles without providing the needed bank guarantees and post-dated cheques as monthly fees
  • The agreed number of vehicles is the maximum that the company can register. If the company desires to register more vehicles, it must present an "Addition permit" request and settle the needed fees
  • The year of manufacturing the vehicle must be the current one or the one before
  • The company cannot register administrative vehicles
  • For companies that are classified for Free Zone, there are 2 types of permits:
    • Permit t register the vehicles for the free zone with letter U as a plate code
    • Permit to register vehicles that work in Dubai with letter L as a plate code
  • Only companies that have extended vehicles contracts are allowed to register extended vehicles (the year of manufacturing the vehicle must not be more than 10 years from the current year)
  • If the company desires to register extended vehicles, it must present an "extended vehicle permit" request and settle the needed fees.


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Home/ RTA Services / Service Details

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