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Applying For A Permit To Register A Luxury Vehicle

This service enables companies working in the field of transporting passengers in luxury vehicles to apply for registering luxury vehicles according to the vehicles listed in the agreement with these companies in order to reach the minimum number of vehicles or the number agreed on.


​Reference to the UAE Cabinet Decision (30) of 2017 on traffic and traffic safety services, the fees of driving licenses and vehicles are changed. For more information please visit or contact RTA call centre on the following number: 8009090.​


Licensed company by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to transport passengers by luxury vehicles and having a valid operating contract.

Required documents

  1. Signed and stamped letter from the company requesting the registration
  2. Vehicle Clearance Certificate (VCC) stating the type of vehicle, the year of manufacturing and the chassis data


Permit to register a luxury vehicle.

Service fees

This service is free.



Average processing time

Up to 10 minutes.

Ways to apply



  • The company submits the scanned required documents via email to the following address:
  • If the file is incomplete, RTA sends an email to the company
  • If the file is complete, RTA issues a permit to register a luxury vehicle.

Terms and conditions

  • The vehicles must be within the list of approved vehicles, according to the specifications and standards mentioned in the agreement concluded between the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and the luxury vehicles company
  • The vehicle must be manufactured during the current year or 1 year before using it on a condition that it is not previously used for other services. Previous usage times will be added to the overall operating time of the vehicle
  • The company has the right to register 7-seat vehicles (one of which should be Toyota Previa/Honda Odyssey) from the first class; and 9 other registered luxury vehicles provided that these vehicles do not exceed 10% of the overall number of vehicles in the fleet
  • The company can register administrative vehicles for company use only
  • Lengthy vehicles are subject to testing from the “Technical Committee” at the Licensing Agency to register them or transfer their files from one company to another or renew the registration after 7 years of manufacturing them
  • The company must submit all the required documents in order to complete the process of vehicle registration according to the requirements of the channel.

Note: These specifications change based on the agreement between RTA and the luxury vehicles company.


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Home/ RTA Services / Service Details

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